How to Overcome Money Shame

written by Bari Tessler September 14, 2021
How to Overcome Money Shame

Dear Money Adventurer,

Welcome to a new Money Mocha –think of this Money Mochas as a finance-focused, chocolate-covered clarity delivered straight to your inbox — a perfect pairing with that first, delicious sip of your morning coffee (or favorite cuppa)! 

Whether you’re just beginning to engage with money consciously in your life, or you’re a seasoned traveler advancing along the path of your money journey, the simple tools shared here have the power to dramatically shift your relationship with money – if you’ll let them.

Money touches every part of our lives, from our values to our sense of worth, the work we do, the way that we show up in the world, our lineage, our personal relationships, communities, and the legacy we leave behind us.

Yet, most of us were never taught how to manage money in a practical sense, and we certainly never learned how to talk about money, or how to cope with the challenging emotions that money brings up in our lives.

Maybe you struggle when it comes to talking to your honey about household finances, or feel anxious about logging in to review your accounts online, or postpone talking to your accountant because the very idea already has your heart racing and stomach-churning. 

It isn’t just you.
You aren’t alone.
That resistance you’re feeling, whatever it might look like for you, is Money Shame.

Every one of us carries Money Shame – it shows up in our ingrained patterns and unconscious beliefs, impacting our relationships, choices, and even what we believe is possible.

But there is another way.

The Antidote to Money Shame

We can learn to sit with our Money Shame, to make space for our emotions, to uncover the lessons they have to offer, and learn from the wisdom of our bodies.

It starts with gentle awareness.

In today’s Money Mocha, I’ll share:

  • A story of discovering and overcoming Money Shame (starring yours truly)
  • What Money Shame is and why ALL of us carry it
  • Why tough love isn’t the answer to Money Shame
  • How to recognize when Money Shame is coming up for you
  • My absolute favorite tool for managing Money Shame. This powerful practice is so simple, so accessible, that you can use it anywhere to offer yourself gentle awareness in the midst of overwhelm.

So grab your morning cuppa and join me here to listen to today’s Money Mocha: The Antidote to Money Shame

Here’s to un-shaming your relationship with money.

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