Have You Ever Been on a Money Date?

written by Bari Tessler September 7, 2021
Have you ever been on a money date money mocha

Dear Money Adventurer,

Today’s Money Mocha is an invitation to look at money a little bit differently. In a world that doesn’t really talk about money, we’re most familiar with the practical side of money – this is where we take action, pay our bills, manage accounts, and plan for the future.

These things are such an ingrained part of our lives that we rarely stop to think about HOW we do them.

Do you put off paying your bills for as long as possible before frantically hunting them down at the last minute?

Do you feel like you’re just “not good with money,” so you avoid looking at your accounts and beat yourself up for not knowing better?

Just because money feels stressful and anxiety-inducing now doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. If you want your money to feel calm, spacious, and grounded — you can do that!

You get to decide what your relationship with money looks like and turn these money tasks into opportunities to infuse your relationship with money with a sense of soothing quiet or light-hearted fun, to create routines and practices that reflect your personality, and feel meaningful to you.

I truly believe that finding ways to make your relationship to money your very own and infuse it with your own values and personality is essential to creating real, sustainable transformation in your money life.

It’s time to take yourself on a Money Date.

A Money Date can be playful, sacred, decadent, spontaneous or scheduled, a quick connection, or luxuriously long – it’s simply time and space for you to connect with your money. And you might be surprised by just how fun and fulfilling they can be!

In today’s Money Mocha, you’ll learn…

  • The “chocolate cake” metaphor for your money relationship
  • Ultra-quick ideas to shift your mood and make your Money Date feel more meaningful
  • Inspiration to dive deeper with the emotional, spiritual, and practical layers of money
  • Plus! Permission to ditch that old spreadsheet that just isn’t working for you

When your morning cuppa is ready, join me here to listen in: 27 ways to make a Money Date your own

This is an invitation to do money differently, to make it mean so much more, to do it YOUR way.

This journey is yours, and I’m honored to share it with you.

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