Free Financial Therapy! Tune in to My Latest Interviews

written by Bari Tessler November 2, 2023

Dear Money Adventurer,

Today, I’m thrilled to share with you a handful of recent podcast appearances where I got to share some of my money teachings as a somatic based financial therapist.

As those of us in the Northern hemisphere are transitioning from Fall to Winter, these conversations are like a cozy sweater added to a warm cup of coffee that you hold with both hands as you watch the snow fall.

In these episodes, the hosts and I dive deep into the connection between our emotions and financial decisions, and I offer practical strategies to manage money emotions.

Here’s what you can look forward to:

I’ve rounded them up right here in this post – so bookmark this page to immerse yourself in money teachings this winter.

1. The Divorce Survival Guide: The Art of Money

Your financial journey is deeply personal and can be challenging, especially following life-altering events like divorce or financial trauma. In this episode, we explore the art of developing a healthy, safe, savvy, and creative relationship with money.

2. Inside Job: The Art of Money

In this money conversation, we explore how to work with the emotions money brings up, the personal practices that will help you bring awareness and understanding to your money patterns, and how you can make those practices your very own. This interview is full of shared stories and body-based wisdom to inspire your next steps and remind you that you’re not alone in this money journey.

3. Robyn Ivy: The Art of Money

In this interview, Robyn and I discuss how financial identities are often formed in our childhood and teenage years – but we can update them anytime we like. I share my Money Map exercise as well as other tools to bring to your money life.

4. Star Narratives: The Money Story

This was a fun conversation weaving astrology and psychology of money into practical tools and techniques to help us on our financial journeys.

5. Money Isn’t Scary: The Art of Money

I chatted with Meghan Dwyer on her Money podcast where we discussed how to bring more compassion into your money work. It was wonderful to discuss my somatic-based money methodology and to share some of my story as well.

My wish for you today: pick one of these episodes and have a listen. I’d love for you to walk away with at least one tool to support you as we head into the holiday season. And if you do, I’d love to hear about it! Send me and my team a message – just hit reply to this email or send us a note here.

Sending dear wishes,

P.S. Enjoying the conversations and explorations in these podcast episodes? These topics and tactics for making your relationship feel more Summer breezy and less Winter stormy are just a small taste of the rich journey of personal growth support you’ll find in The Art of Money program.

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