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Great ways to get my support:

1. Get a fantastic introduction to my complete methodology in our Pocket Map: a free, 7-day mini Art of Money course zapped straight to your inbox.

2. The best, fullest expression of my work is my year-long money school, The Art of Money! We have officially moved our program to an evergreen-on demand model (includes all of the community components). This simply means that you can join Art of Money today, get access to the program immediately and start your one-year cycle.

You will immediately get access to our 1st module and you will start your 12-month cycle from that day forward. When you join, your year cycle will begin and get access to the content and all the community components as well. This includes the private forum (where all the alumni guides hang out), monthly coaching calls with Bari and the opportunity to go through the program with a buddy.

Got questions about The Art of Money? From curriculum to logistics to pricing to policies, we’ve got tons of answers on The Art of Money program page right here.

3.  Want to hear me talk to real people about money? Listen to one of my all-time favorite projects: my Money Memoir Interview Series. In this intimate conversation series, I talk to people from all different economic and lineage backgrounds about real money stuff. Because we all have money wisdom to share … and we’re stronger when we listen to one another.

4. Listen to the Art of Money Podcast: stories, interview clips, book excerpts and love for your money journey, from my heart to yours. (It is so good.) You can enjoy on my blog or you can go to Apple Podcasts (formerly Itunes) or  Spotify.

5.  Private Financial Therapy: I am not offering private financial therapy sessions to the public right now. However, I am available for 1 – 2 sessions for anyone who is currently participating in the Art of Money community (or participated in past years).

6. I regularly pour my heart into big, rich, mega-valuable articles for you, my dear community. Be the first to know when I publish (usually 1x per week) and join our lovely community of Art of Moneyers when you sign up for my newsletter here.

7. If you are looking for a referral for a Bookkeeper, Financial Coach or Financial Planner, please send my team a note below. Please note: I do not have local referrals for you. We are a world-wide community and I would be spending all my time updating my resource list if I was continually trying to find local folks. So my list is on the smaller side but everyone I refer to works online so it really doesn’t matter location. A good and right fit is always more important to me than a local person. Lastly, it’s important that you do your own research and check everyone out thoroughly. Financial Professionals are continually adjusting their services so always check in to see what they are currently offering.

8. I’d love you to join me and my community on social media. Here’s where we hang out:


Want to get in touch?

We would love to hear from you! Please use the form below to connect with me, or email me directly at [email protected].

As a busy mamapreneur leading an ever-growing, global conscious money movement, my heart and schedule are pleasantly full. That means:

1. I have a wonderful team to help me run the show. While I read everything — everything — my community sends in, I’m not able to personally respond to most emails. One of my amazing team members will respond to you within 1-2 business days. I’ve chosen them with care, and know they will take very good care of you.

2. I don’t offer informational interviews or “pick your brain” tea dates. After giving these away for years, I now lovingly say no to hopping on the phone to discuss my work, give a free intake session, or chat about the field of financial therapy. Between being a mama, teaching my global Art of Money community, seeing private clients, overseeing a team, creating free content, and doing my best to live a balanced life including self-care, dance, hiking, and family … my life is full to the brim.

Instead, I’ve loaded up my site with oodles of high-quality, free content to support and serve you.

If you’re a budding financial therapist or coach, please check out my beginner’s guide to Financial Therapy. You might also want to learn about my business model and how it’s evolved, learn about my three phase methodology, listen to this podcast with my business “origin story.” or read about my book creation process. 

Make sure you’re on my newsletter list to hear about new articles as they’re created. That’s also how to be first-to-know about private financial therapy spots and when my year-long Art of Money program opens. If you’re still having trouble finding what you need, contact my team below.

3. Collaborations. I love to collaborate and I’m ultra-choosy about my creative + professional collaborations. If you’re interested in interviewing me for a podcast interview, I will most likely say YES. Although, I do NOT offer guest posts on my blog and I do not participate in telesummits, etc. please click here first to read about what I will and won’t consider.

4. Media and Interviews. Want to interview me about my book and methodology? I’d love it! If you have a community that would love to hear us talk about my work, please contact me in the form below and tell me your ideas. You can review the types of interviews I have already done here and here.

I’m so incredibly grateful you’re in my community, and I hope you receive so much benefit from everything we share here! Thank you for your interest in this work, and taking the time to reach out! I look forward to supporting you in the best way.

Okee dokee. Thanks for reading all of that. If you’d like to send me and my team an email, just use the form below: 



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