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Official bio

Bari Tessler, M.A. is a Financial Therapist and a pioneer in the Financial Therapy field. She has a Masters degree in Somatic Psychology from Naropa University, 1998. She then ran a bookkeeping business for therapists and artists. In 2001, she merged all her training and created a somatic-based Financial Therapy methodology that she has been teaching for 23 years. She is also the founder of The Art of Money, a year-long money school and a Mentor Program for therapists, coaches and financial professionals.

Bari is the Author of two books: The Art of Money: A Life-Changing Guide to Financial Happiness and The Art of Money Workbook. Her work has been featured on,, US News & World Report, Reuters Money, The Fiscal Times, USA Today, The Cut, Girlboss, Nerd Wallet, Real Simple, MindBodyGreen, and REDBOOK. She has also been featured on the cover of Experience Life and Mindful. Bari loves to read, dance and enjoy dark chocolate. She lives in Boulder, CO with her husband, son, many cats + a big puppy. You can find her here:

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Women In The World Summit

Financial Health: The Next Frontier for Women.

Bari Tessler, Financial Therapist, Author of The Art of Money, Tayari Jones, Author, Paula Polito, Global Client Strategy Officer and Group Managing Director, Global Wealth Management, UBS Financial Services Inc. and Bianna Golodryga, Journalist and CNN Contributor, 'WHY FINANCIAL HEALTH IS THE NEXT FRONTIER FOR WOMEN' at The 2019 Women In The World Summit in New York City; 4/11/2019
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Mainstream Media

Mindful Magazine:
October 2018 issue – Mind Over Money: How to Balance the Books and Yourself
A Body Check-In Practice for Money Decisions
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The 7 Best Personal Finance Books of 2016

SELF Magazine:
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Huffington Post:
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Reuters Money:
“How to harness the power of money regrets”
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The Fiscal Times:
“How Your Credit Score Affects Your Love Life”

Best Self Magazine: 
Money Shame | Redesigning Your Relationship to Money – Article
Money Shame -Podcast
How financial well-being and physical health are linked

The Reading Lists:
The Books Behind the Money Guru

Bari on Experience Life Cover

Experience Life Magazine:
“Cash Conscious: Bari Tessler Linden” (cover story!)
Behind the scenes (video)

Money Therapy: Managing your finances can be an act of self-care. 

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Nerd Wallet:
How to Cope With Financial Anxiety

USA Today/Nerd Wallet:
Seeing signs of financial anxiety? How to cope.

Most people don’t even know about these ridiculously simple money moves

The Washington Post:
Millennial Money: Transition from work-at-home novice to pro

Psychology Today:
How to Ease Money Stress During Divorce

Afraid to Log Into Your Bank Account? Here’s What To Do

Buzzfeed News:
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Architectural Digest Pro:
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Publisher’s Weekly:
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Naropa University Magazine:
Naropa Magazine 21-22

AP News:
Managing money starts with your emotions

Wall Street Journal:
Trick Your Brain Into Being Better With Money

Yahoo Finance:
5 ways to calm financial stress

Podcast Interviews

Bari has given over 100 podcast interviews; here is a partial list of some of our favorites:

AFO | Wealth Management: Mastering Money with Mindfulness: A 3-Step Approach with Bari Tessler
Giving You Everything: All About the Finances: Understanding the Art of Money while Watching Couples Therapy with Bari Tessler
The Secret Library Podcast: The Art of Money (My second interview on her podcast!)
Money Isn’t Scary: The Art of Money with Bari Tessler
Star Narratives: The Money Story
Other People’s Pockets: Bari Tessler, Financial Therapist
Your Divorce Survival Guide: The Art of Money with Bari Tessler
The Robyn Ivy Podcast: The Art of Money with Bari Tessler
Ensombl: 90 Bari Tessler
The Human Side of Money: A Three-Step Guide To Transform Your Relationship With Money
The Money Healing Podcast: The Art of Money with Bari Tessler
Inside Job: The Art of Money with Bari Tessler
Accounting Alchemy Network: Spotlight on Bari Tessler of “The Art of Money.”
Take Back Retirement: Transform Your Relationship with Money: Lessons from Bari Tessler
The Zen Femme: The Art of Money Dates
The Dr. Kimcast: Reframing Your Money Story
Maxlife: Sana tu Relación con El Dinero junto a Bari Tessler
Becoming You: Unraveling Your Money Story
Stronger Together: Tools of Transformation
Instagram Live with Louise Bartlett
UnRaveling Money Podcast: Financial Therapy With Bari Tessler
Financial Therapy Podcast with Rick Kahler: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, and Part Four
The Higher Practice Podcast for Optimal Mental Health: Financial Health Impacts Your Mental Health
Healthy Love and Money: Checking In With Your Body and Money: Bari Tessler
Mindful Money: Money Healing, Savvy Practices and Big Picture Financial Visioning
Swoon Podcast: How to address money struggles in relationship
Rebel Therapist: An Honest Launch Story With Bari Tessler
The Most Hated “F” Word: The Art of Money and Finding Happiness
The Sexy Life Podcast: How to heal your relationship with money with Bari Tessler
The Financial Therapy Podcast: Bari Tessler’s Journey Into Financial Therapy
Physician Wellness Lounge: Bari Tessler, Founder of “Art of Money”
Nancy Levin Podcast: How To Heal Your Relationship With Money
The Real Estate InvestHer Show: Understanding Your Financial Identity
Drop the BS w/ Dr. Kirleen: Is Your Mental Health Messing with Your Money?
Money Made Easy: Money Practices and Money Maps with Bari Tessler
Sex Birth Trauma with Kimberly Ann Johnson: Healing Your Money Story
Health: It’s Personal Podcast: Financial Series: The Art of Money with Financial Therapist Bari Tessler
Women Today Podcast: On the Lifelong Relationship to Money, Trusting Intuition & Creative Entrepreneurship
The Financial Recovery Institute: Fireside Chat with Bari + Karen
The Woolfer: Financial Therapy
Friends Who Talk About Money: Picking up the pieces | A mother and son discuss pulling together through financial collapse
Sage Family Podcast: Money Healing
The Rose Woman: Financial Happiness
Smart Money Mamas: How to Heal Your Relationship with Money
Typology: Why Every Type Needs a Financial Therapist (Enneagram 4)
Pete Sibley: Self-Kindness with Pete
Christina Rasmussen: Dear Life
Stacy Francis: Financially Ever After
Maria Bailey: Ordinary Habits, Extraordinary Life
Paul Zelizer: Awarepreneurs
Monique Malcolm: Pimp Your Brilliance
Carrie VanWinkle: Smart & Soulful Money
Andrea Owen: Your Kickass Life
Kathryn Hunter: Compass
Lola Pickett: Moon + Manifest
Farnoosh Torabi: So Money
Jayson Gaddis: The Smart Couple
Naropa University: MindfulU
Mackenzie Eason: Embodied Empowered Engaged
Andy Wang: Inspired Money
Naomi Mdudu: The Lifestyle Edit
Elizabeth Dialto: Embodied
Sas Petherick: Courage & Spice
Amy & Anne: MEND Podcast
Courtney Townley: Grace and Grit
Ricardo McRae: The Framing Podcast
Whitney Hansen: The Money Nerds
Andrea Scher: The Creative Superheroes Podcast
Jennifer Hemphill: Her Money Matters
Emily Ann Peterson: Bare Naked Bravery
Leisa Peterson: Wealth Clinic – Episode 175
Annie Schuessler: The Therapists’ Clubhouse
Annie Schuessler: The Therapist’s Business Coach
Caroline Donahue: The Book Dr.  Episode 52.
Caroline Donahue: The Book Dr. Episode 1.
Theresa Reed: The Tarot Lady
Smart Women Talk Radio with Katana Abbott, CFP
Sara Avant Stover: Money, Grief, and Being a Father’s Daughter
Tiffany Han: Raise Your Hand Say Yes
Create Your Magical Life on WebTalkRadio
Jessica Kupferman: Lady Business Radio
Emerging Women Podcast
Motherhood and Biz with Kelly Rae Roberts
Kate Northrup
Screw the Nine to Five (with my husband, Forest)

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