How to Resolve Everyday Conflict
with Relationship Expert Jayson Gaddis

written by Bari Tessler September 20, 2021
How to resolve everyday conflict with relationship expert Jayson Gaddis

Dear Money Adventurer,

What do you do when a disagreement with your sweetie about spending devolves into you shutting down while they want to hash it out?

Or when a miscommunication around expectations with your business team results in terse emails and an awkward atmosphere in your small business?

How do you handle a communication breakdown with a dear friend when you’re both harboring feelings of hurt and disappointment?

Conflict is an inevitable part of being human.

But, just like our relationship with money, few of us ever learned how to manage conflict, never mind how to bring loving, intentional awareness to the complex emotions that come up for us in challenging moments with the people closest to us.

Conflict resolution skills are an essential tool for navigating money, emotions, and relationships.

This is why I am SO excited to introduce you to my latest guest on the Art of Money podcast, Jayson Gaddis. Founder of The Relationship School, leading relationship expert, and sought-after coach, Jayson helps folks learn to repair everyday conflict with respect, compassion, and understanding for each other – and ourselves.

The wisdom, insight, and accessible practices that Jayson shares in this interview will empower you “to love bigger and work out your differences.”

Listen to this refreshingly honest and inspiring conversation to revolutionize the way you think about conflict and:

  • Learn how Jayson is teaching his kids conflict resolution
  • Understand why conflict causes us to disconnect in the first place
  • Discover the four disconnectors aka conflict styles
  • Identify your “scared animal” – and what that says about your conflict style
  • Adopt Jayson’s A, B, C approach to managing conflict avoidance
  • Clarify what a trigger really is and how to navigate them
  • Equip yourself with Jayson’s NESTR meditation exercise to help you self-regulate when you’re dealing with conflict and challenging emotions
  • Learn to take a “listen until you feel understood” approach to bring more grace and compassion to conflict with loved ones
  • Explore how to create guardrails to guide you and your loved ones when you run into friction

Jayson’s approach to creating an informed, loving, and resourced conversation around the challenges we face in our closest relationships creates a vehicle for transformation, offering an opportunity to step into greater self-knowing, deeper intimacy, and more authentic connection.

I decided to release this interview early because I couldn’t wait for you to listen in!

Listen Here:

For more powerful insight and practical guidance around conflict resolution, grab a copy of Jayson’s brand new book, “Getting to Zero: How To Work Through Conflict In Your High Stakes Relationships,”.

Publishing date is 10/5 (any moment now) so you can pre-order and have it arrive around 10/5, at all major book retailers and, hopefully, your favorite local indie bookstore.

I had the privilege of reading an early copy, and I have never encountered a book like this before. Jayson’s teachings will change your relationships with the people closest to you – and yourself – infusing difficult moments with greater depths of love and understanding.

Here’s to bringing more compassion, wisdom, and awareness to our most important relationships.

With my dearest wishes,

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