Bari Tessler

Here’s what a decade of deep money work looks like. {Money Memoir}

Dear Friend, What does a decade of deep money work look like?Let me show you. What if you could talk to real people about money? We ALL have money stories to share. Tough times and how we overcame them. Hard-won wisdom, inspiration, and soulful insights. In this intimate conversation series, Money Memoirs, I talk to folks from all different backgrounds and walks of life — and ask them to share their personal money stories. The good, the hard, and the…

January 20, 2021
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Money Pioneer, Karen McCall, and I have a wonderful chat about all things money.

Dear Friend, If you’ve been a part of this chocolate and encouragement fuelled community for long, you know that I love to blend practical tools with dreamy inspiration. I’m so excited to pop into your inbox to share the interview I did with Karen McCall at the very beginning of the new year. I had just turned 52 the day before, and then Karen reminded me that she was 77. I sit in awe of her energy and continued commitment…

January 13, 2021
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What Should I Charge?

Dear Friend, Happy New Year! During an interview the other day, (my first interview of the year) I was asked about my pricing technique. This is a question that echoes in creative entrepreneurs’ minds several times throughout their careers. What should I charge? The interviewer wanted to know if I do a body check-in, simply go with my heart’s desire, or if I look more closely at my personal numbers and consider some business financial projections. Of course, I replied…

January 6, 2021
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