Bari Tessler

Dear friend, One weekend many years ago, long before our 15 year old son was born, my husband and I loaded up two camping backpacks with enough supplies for 2 days and we headed off deep into the mountain wilderness of California. You should know that I am not a camping person and I’m even less of a “hey let’s put a 45-pound backpack on and hike for 6 miles on a rocky mountain trail and then set up camp”…

June 14, 2024
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Dear Community, We’re just about in the exact middle of the year right now, which is wild because it feels like it was winter just a minute ago. Up here in the Northern hemisphere, the day is about as long as it gets in the year, the Summer snow melt in the mountains is in full rush, and it feels like a great time to check in on the progress we’re making with our yearly financial goals. If you feel…

June 11, 2024
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Dear Friend,  Most of my financial therapy work has to do with helping people create a more mindful, savvy and empowered relationship to money. This could be in the realm of personal finances, couples finances and even in business finances.  In my Mentor program, which is a group program for therapists, coaches and financial professionals, I’m additionally supporting folks to create a more sustainable business.  In that context, we’re not just working on our money psychology, we’re also working on…

June 6, 2024
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