Bari Tessler

Dear Money Adventurer, One of my favorite ways to make financial therapy more accessible for more people is by doing interviews and having more money conversations. Because when we talk about money, we chip away at the shame and taboos we’ve built around money in our lives, communities, and the world around us. So, in February, I posted on Instagram and Facebook inviting folks to interview me on their podcasts about money, relationships, and personal growth. I had no idea…

March 30, 2023
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What do your business boundaries look like?

Dear Money Adventurer, Building a sustainable business, a business that truly serves you and empowers you to serve your community, is a masterclass in learning how to recognize and honor your own boundaries. You have been building those boundaries since you began your business. In sketching out the hours of operation, the offerings you share, who you serve, how, why, and for how much, you create boundaries around your work, often without realizing it. Until a client asks for services…

March 23, 2023
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Why Boundaries are Essential in Life and Money

Dear Money Adventurer, Boundaries are one of the steel threads that run through this life and money journey. They’re one of the core themes that come up in this work over and over again–in money, life, love, and even business. From the first day of my Art of Money program to the conversations that unfold in my Mentorship community, we’re exploring what it means to be in healthy relationship; to have healthy boundaries. Not only in your personal relationship with…

March 17, 2023
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