The new cuddle-able paperback version of
Art of Money book has arrived!

written by Bari Tessler March 13, 2018
Bari Book Selfie

Dear Community,


Right now, at this very second, you can now buy my book, The Art of Money, in a brand-spankin new format:


This is such exciting news! A few reasons why:

  1. That copy you lent to your friend and never got back? Now you can gracefully let her keep it (while you devour your brand-new copy).
  2. It’s proven: we retain information better when we read it in a physical book instead of a Kindle. So go ahead. Smell that new book smell. Touch the 100% recycled paper. Ah, sweet, sweet learning.
  3. You kept meaning to buy the book when it first came out, but kept forgetting. (After all: who didn’t get distracted by that new season of Orphan Black?) It’s all good … and now you’re right on time.
  4. Every ounce counts when you’re cramming an entire beach getaway into your trusty carry-on. You’ll be happy to save those 6.9 ounces, trust me.
  5. You already read and LURVED the book. Now you’ve got the perfect excuse to pick up a copy for that friend (OK, 7 of ‘em) who would love it, too.
  6. Now you can underline, highlight, dog-ear, and Post-It note all over your copy, without feeling guilty. (Paperbacks are like that, aren’t they?)
  7. It’ll slip even easier into your vintage messenger bag (along with that new blank journal and favorite pen) to accompany you for a quite-possibly-life-changing hour on your fave park bench.
  8. You’ve read the traditional money books. Maybe some of them are still glowering at you, from your bookshelf. You are so ready for a more gentle, compassionate, un-shaming approach.
  9. If you’re a creative entrepreneur, this is a tax deductible purchase under Professional Development.
  10. Did that mention of “tax deductible” send a shiver up your spine because you don’t have an accountant you love and freak out every year at tax time? Fret not. There’s a whole chapter about building your financial support team.
  11. Because you are SO ready to stop having that same money fight with your honey.
    If you’re reading it in bed and doze off, the paperback wields an 87% lower chance of waking you up when it konks you on the forehead.
  12. You’re all about the loving money wisdom in my blog posts, but you want it all in a fuller, richer format. Like: one you can snuggle up with on a rainy afternoon.

All jokes aside … this kind of a big step towards ending money stress and suffering.

See, only books that have sold widely and well get re-released as paperbacks. And The Art of Money not only sold over 13,000 copies, it also got rave reviews and won the Nautilus and Benjamin Franklin book awards.

I poured my heart into this book. It is THE book I always wanted to share with you. I am so proud of it. And I am so thrilled by the transformations it’s helping people through — one page at a time.

“The Art of Money is a must-read. I’ve always said, “if you don’t deal with money, your money will deal with you.” Bari’s heart-felt stories and practical approach will give you just what you need to get a handle on money. Bravo!” — Barbara Stanny, Author of Overcoming Underearning and Sacred Success: A Course in Financial Miracles

So. The real reasons to be excited for the paperback release?

Less money stress. More homeopathic doses of dark chocolate and red lipstick (because those can totally have their place in your Money Dates, if you want). More discernment. More joy. (Even at tax time). Less resentment, more forgiveness. More feeling on-the-same-team and ooey-gooey-in-love with your sweetie. Less shame. More shoulder shimmies. More exquisite self-care. More love.

Grab your copy (or, you know, 17 of ‘em) right here.

With my dearest, booky-ish wishes,

P.S. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU, dear community, for believing in this work, reading it, loving it, reviewing it (whoa, those Amazon reviews!), sharing it, and cheering it on.

We’re in this together. Creating a sweeter, more honest and loving world. One Body Check-In, one thoughtful money decision, one baby step at a time.

Curl up with your own life-changing copy.

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