Can more money make you feel safe? Plus: See me LIVE!

written by Bari Tessler April 20, 2018
How Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin learned to feel safe with money

Dear Community,

Every morning, my husband fires up Facebook to get his daily dose of Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin. And he’s not alone.

On any given day, up to 50,000 people watch her “Resistance Live” Facebook videos, all about the latest in American politics. When I’m not on a media break (I need these time to time to stay sane and focused on work and mothering), I love hearing her perspective.

Elizabeth is a wicked-smart former attorney turned disruptive-visionary women’s leadership expert, “fearless entrepreneur,” and big-hearted smartypants.

Even cooler: Elizabeth has done her own, deep money work … and opened up about this in a big way in an interview with me.

Today, I’m sharing her interview with you as a special Money Memoir replay. Elizabeth has thought long and deeply about money, so our conversation is jam-packed with wisdom.

Hear how a disruptive-feminist-lawyer finally found safety with money.

In this incredibly candid interview, you’ll hear:

  • Why Elizabeth had a “scarcity mentality” and no savings, despite high earnings on Wall Street
  • Her big money wake-up call: showing her mountain of credit card debt to her father
  • How she finally learned how to save money without feeling deprived
  • How her new definition of beauty is saving her money
  • Her “compassionate rebellion” around money in her divorce
  • How she defines being a “grownup” with money, and how she’s working toward it.

I spent a lot of this interview a bit in awe, sitting back and letting Elizabeth speak. We recorded this interview 18 months ago, but it is still so relevant.

Hear Elizabeth’s courageous Money Memoir below:

Also available on iTunes

Pssssst … Wanna meet me and Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin (while, you know, changing the world)?

I’m giving a special keynote presentation at Elizabeth’s Gaia Women Lead Conference in Santa Barbara, California, in less than two weeks!

This is an intimate conference for activist women leaders committed to social, political, and professional change.

Basically? It’s a gathering of bad-ass, big-hearted women who are changing the world. And I’m honored to be giving a 45-minute keynote presentation on what to do when you find yourself in the thick of a big Money Riddle.

It’s incredibly rare for me to leave my happy-family-bubble and travel for a speaking event, so this is a really big deal! This will be an exceptional event, and I’m beyond excited.

As this is a higher-end, intimate event, space is limited. But there are a few spots left.

Tempted? Info + registration here.

With my dearest wishes,

P.S. The last time I traveled to speak about my work was for my book tour … so this really only happens once in a blue, blue moon. In my keynote, I’ll be opening up about the huge Money Riddle Forest and I are facing right now, how we’re working through it, and tools for how you can work through your own Money Riddles. I’d love to see you there!

P.P.S. Even if you can’t make it to the Gaia Women Lead Conference, take a moment to listen to my conversation with Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin. If you’ve ever wondered why you don’t feel “safe” with money (despite high earnings), or felt like you had a Deep Dark Money Secret, or wondered how to finally learn how to save money without feeling deprived, you’ll love this conversation.

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