The AOM Mentor Program Is About To Leave The Station. You joining us?

written by Bari Tessler May 21, 2022

Dear Coaches, Therapists, and Financial Professionals,

Over the past week I’ve shared a good bit of details about the new Art of Money Mentorship Program with you.

We’re getting close to the departure of the mentor program train, so at this point, I only have a simple message for you:

Tomorrow night, at midnight, we’re closing registration for the founding member round of The Art of Money Mentorship Program.

Why are we closing registration? Because the program begins soon, on June 1st.

We’ll all travel on the life-altering journey of the program together as a tight knit group of therapists, coaches, and financial professionals.

The community of founding members for this first round of the mentorship program has already been filling up this week with an amazing crew of people.

They’ve said “yes” to boarding this mentorship train and they’re ready to begin the process of finally having a dedicated, private space to continue their own money work.

They’re getting settled into their seats, journal and pen in hand, ready to listen and talk through best practices for bringing this vital money work into their client interactions.

Speaking of money work, now would be a perfect time to do a little of it right here, while you’re sitting with the decision of whether or not to join me on the journey of this mentor program.

Take a deep breath. No…seriously. It only takes a few seconds. Big breath in, and then let it out. Now, take a quick scan of your body and notice the sensations coming up for you. Don’t try to do anything with them. Just…notice them.

When you sit with the idea of joining me, the guest mentors, the mentor community guides, and the other therapists, coaches, and financial professionals that are already on the mentorship train, how does that feel in your body?

Only you can know if the time is right for you to join us on this journey.

Let the wisdom of your intuition guide the way.

What would your life and work in the world feel like if you brought a healthier, calmer, more grounded relationship with money to all of your interactions with money, with family and friends, and with your clients?

How could your business and work with clients change for the better?

How might the lives of your clients change?

If your body check-in is surfacing a “yes,” even if there are a few nervous butterflies fluttering in your stomach (which would be perfectly normal), you can join us on the train for this first Art of Money Mentorship Program by clicking on the link below.

I’ll be with you every step of the way along this journey because I hold the role of “mentor” in a very dear, sacred place in my heart (thanks to a wonderful mentor who took me under her wing when I first started to bring this money work into the world.)

If the time is right for you, I’ll see you on the train.

With my dearest wishes,

P.S. Something to keep in mind for your planning: the next Art of Money Mentorship Program train won’t leave the station until next year. To be fully transparent with you, this isn’t a program I’m going to offer every few months. It’s most likely going to be a once-a-year journey.

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