Registration for Art of Money ends in 4 days! Are you in?

written by Bari Tessler September 22, 2022

​Hello, dear Money Adventurer,

I hope you enjoyed this warm and cozy season of Money Mochas!

In case you haven’t sorted it out by now, the Art of Money program is now open for registration.

Gentle head’s up, though: the doors are closing in 4 days.

So…if you’re ready to create a more heart-grounded, values-in-action, on-top-of-your-game, and sleeping-like-a-peaceful-baby relationship with money … this program could be just the thing for you.

If you’re new here and don’t know what The Art of Money is, here’s the deal:

In a nutshell, The Art of Money is a year-long, online program designed to help you transform your relationship with money.

It’s hard to believe that ten years ago now, we shared something completely new with the world when we launched the very first version of this program.

Since then, over 5,000 people have been through the Art of Money program with me and my team (which still blows my mind and makes me feel humbled and honored all at once).

The Art of Money is the culmination of the decade I spent training in body-centered psychotherapy and over two decades of teaching my financial therapy and emotional literacy methodology— and it’s also the absolute best way I’ve found to help people make meaningful changes in their money life.

And the results for members of the program have been nothing short of incredible. Every year we hear their stories…stories of extraordinary healing, heart-opening insights, and deep transformation.

Now, close your eyes and imagine how it would feel to experience:

  • Greater confidence, peace of mind, and compassion in your money relationship.
  • A body-centered approach that helps you stay grounded while you learn to work with those big money emotions and the lessons they have to share.
  • A smart, personalized Money Self-Care Practice that keeps you on-track and iclear-headed. Tuning into what truly matters to YOU and aligning these values with your money habits.
  • Less fights about money with your sweetie and more intimate, fun (and even sexy!) money conversations. Letting go of old, unhelpful patterns, traumas, and shame around money.
  • Learning the language and systems of money–and how to use them in a way that feels supportive and meaningful to you. (This is so empowering.)
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, and annual money practices so you can see how much money is flowing in and out of your life, and where–without feeling lost or overwhelmed.
  • Claiming the self-worth and empowerment to set healthy boundaries and break through “money ceilings.”
  • Feeling more successful and “grown-up” with money, whatever that means for you.
  • Building your Financial Support Team. Yep: we’ll help you get clear on who you need and how to find a great one!
  • Tools to make “money stuff” more creative + playful + meaningful to you.
  • Mind-expanding teachings from eclectic expert teachers on dozens of different aspects of life connected to money, from somatic practices to Enneagram to savvy business models to paying off debt to creating sustainable business models with your “superpowers.”
  • Loving, smart, supportive conversations with a global network of kindred money explorers from all backgrounds, income levels, and walks of life. Truly: the tenderness and encouragement in this group are heartfelt and awe-inspiring.
  • This is what the Art of Money looks like in your everyday life. This is the real-life value of the Art of Money year-long program.

This life-changing journey is a deeply personal exploration, but it’s one rooted in support, walking alongside the new friends you’ll meet in the community space. Here you’ll be guided by wise alum guides, inspired by caring, insightful guest teachers, and lovingly supported by me and the Art of Money process itself.

I created The Art of Money program to give you literally everything I’ve got.

The Art of Money has every tool, every tip, every tactic, every ounce of my support, and every little helpful thing I’ve developed over the last 20 years of teaching this work.

And yes, you absolutely CAN bring a friend!

The “Bring A Buddy” Option

You may already be aware of this, but just to make sure: because of the challenging financial landscape that is impacting almost everyone’s financial reality, we’re making it more affordable than ever for you to start changing your relationship with money for the better:

You and a friend or family member can join together at the reduced “AOM Buddy” rate. We used to only offer this discount when two people joined the program as an intimate couple who are part of the same financial reality, but we are committed to making this work as accessible as possible.

That means: when you join with a buddy, you and your friend, or mom, or cousin, or anyone you want to do the program with, can take advantage of the lower buddy rate and split the cost of the program between you. And share the savings, too!

Seriously, this work is so much better when you do it together with someone.

Register for the Art of Money right here (and bring a buddy!)

But keep in mind: after Sunday at midnight Mountain Time in the U.S., registration for the program closes.

So, think about it for a moment…what could happen in your money relationship, and in the rest of your life, if you spent a year bringing smarts, mindfulness, and courageous compassion into this realm?

If this piques your interest and you’d like to learn more about how the Art of Money can help, you can find the full details (and sign up to begin your journey today) right here on this page.

Wishing you all the best and sending my dearest wishes,

P.S. The Art of Money year-long program is closing registration on Sunday September 25th at Midnight. If you would like to learn more to see if it’s right for you, go here.

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