Want your own Art of Money book club?
Here’s your full how-to guide (with loads of inspiration)

written by Bari Tessler April 6, 2017

I have a big treat for you today! But first … please indulge me while I share why all my happy tears have been flowing, lately!

As I mentioned recently, one of my BIGBIG dreams for my book (long before it was ever published) was that people of different backgrounds, faiths, income levels and ethnicities would join together over a cuppa, discuss the book, share stories, and heal.

Well, it’s happening!

I’ve been contacted by a few amazing Art of Money book clubs recently, and utterly blown away by their stories. (Check out a few of them here.)


So today, I want to help YOU create your own Art of Money book club!

So you can gather together with other amazing people. So you can bust through the money taboo, together. So you can connect, across economic, racial, religious, and even geographic divides. So you can cheer each other’s successes, support each other through the sticky spots, and celebrate your commonalities and differences.

Bari wine and book

I’ve poured everything you need to create your own AOM book club into a handy-dandy PDF guide. Totally free. With so much love.

The guide includes:

  • Intention-setting goodness to get you started
  • All the logistics for setting up, facilitating, and managing your book club
  • An exclusive chapter-by-chapter discussion guide
  • A big dose of inspiration from other, real-life AOM book clubs

Enter your name and email below to get your copy of the guide.



Oliver and Janice Book Club Collage

Speaking of real-life book clubs: the how-to guide includes the story of the Palabook Club — a virtual club between Oliver, a guy living in Australia and his friend Janice, a gal traveling in Bali. They’re creating video discussions/reviews of each and every chapter, which are all up on YouTube … and are amazing! Check out their first episode here and their second one here.

Here’s to the healing power of community!


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