9 ways to survive cashflow dips (and maybe even bless ‘em).

written by Bari Tessler May 3, 2017
9 ways to survive cashflow dips (and maybe even bless ‘em).

What can you do when you desperately need cash … and it’s just not there?

It’s something that will happen to most of us at least a few times, over our lives.

Your artisanal candle business is only a few months old — but you need money for rent now.

Or you just spent the last of your savings account when suddenly, your 9-year-old dachshund starts walking with a limp. (Vets and x-rays aren’t cheap!)

Or maybe you discovered an incredible healing modality and feel it in your bones that you need to attend the pricey summer training intensive — so you need an influx of cash, now.

“Cashflow dips” can feel like the end of the world … but they can actually be the start of something great.

Back in the first few years of my business, I had a number of these tough financial crunches. Today, even though my income has stabilized, there are still moments when I need to bring in more money, quickly — to pay for my book tour last year, or bring on a new team member.

These moments can bring up a lot of feelings — panic, anxiety, shame, anger, and on and on. But if we can slow down, give our emotions some space, and apply some heart-based and savvy strategies, we can often find hidden opportunities and even blessings within them.

In my own business, I’ve used one, simple strategy over and over again to resolve cashflow dips — but there are tons more. And because YOU, my dear community, have been asking for this, I reached out to interview a wonderful man with a book and program including 35 (!) ways to resolve these cashflow dip solutions.

Get a two handfuls of simple & heartfelt strategies to surf and survive life’s inevitable cashflow dips in my new interview with Tad Hargrave.

Tad describes himself as “a hippie who developed a knack for marketing — and then learned how to be a hippie again.” He’s spent almost a decade helping conscious entrepreneurs grow their businesses without selling their souls. And while I’ve known about Tad for many, many years, this was our first interview together — and it was a great one! We discuss:

  • 9 simple strategies to bring in cash, quick.
  • The surprising first step Tad suggests — which has nothing to do with money (so smart!)
  • The long-term lessons you can glean from cashflow dips (once your immediate crisis is resolved)
  • Smart, non-draining ways to rely on barter and trade (and how my thought has evolved on this).

Creative entrepreneurs, coaches, and small business owners will get a ton out of this interview, but please listen even if you don’t run your own business, as there’s a ton there for absolutely all of us who sometimes need to bring in more money, quickly — and reframe our relationship to cashflow dips.

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did!

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