Two Pioneering Financial Therapists Talk Shop

written by Bari Tessler February 15, 2022
Two Pioneering Financial Therapists talk money emotions

Dear Money Adventurer,

Community grounds and guides us, sharing wisdom, providing support and encouragement, and witnessing our journey along the way.

At the very beginning of my Financial Therapy career, long before The Art of Money became what it is today, I taught my methodology as a six-week, small group course that met weekly in my living room.

Little did I know that those humble beginnings would grow into my flagship, year-long money school and global community, TWO published books (number two hits the shelves in a few short weeks!), and thousands of lives changed. My own included.

I recently had the chance to walk down memory lane with an old friend and colleague, Rick Kahler, when he invited me to join him as the first ever guest on his show, “The Financial Therapy Podcast.

I met Rick at a financial planning event in Colorado in 2004, where I was invited to present the methodology that would one day become The Art of Money. I remember I was so excited and intrigued to be surrounded by folks who wanted to dive deeper, to go beyond the numbers, to really talk about money and the role it plays in our lives – I may have even done a cartwheel in the middle of the group when we were introducing ourselves!

Rick is the founder of Kahler Financial Group, a Personal Financial Planner, a renowned speaker and educator, and was one of the founding board members of the Financial Therapy Association. He was one of the first financial planners to recognize the important role our emotions play when it comes to money and bring a therapist into the process (before eventually becoming a Financial Therapist himself!).

Rick and I have spent 17 years talking business, money, and financial therapy, and in this episode of “The Financial Therapy Podcast,” we don’t hold anything back.

To listen to the interview, Click here to tune in as we explore:

  • How my challenging relationship with money led to a fledgling career as a bookkeeper
  • How not earning enough to live on taught me to talk about money and claim the value of my work
  • The coaching moment that made Rick tune in to his body – and his feelings
  • My personal approach to social media, marketing, and showing up in the world
  • Plus! Why Rick calls me the “grandma” of Financial Therapy

Community is, always has been, and always will be, an essential part of The Art of Money. I am so excited to introduce you to a dear friend, colleague, and member of my own personal and professional community.

Here is to bringing more compassionate support, gentle curiosity, and loving community to your life and your money.

P.S. The Art of Money Workbook is coming June 7!

Pre-order your copy now.

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