Mix 2 oz chocolate + 14 oz of money teachings, and you get this…

written by Bari Tessler October 13, 2016

Dear Community,

Home feels even sweeter when we’ve been gone.

I’m putting my feet up and snuggling with my boys and our two new kittens (SO CUTE HOLY COW) because I’ve spent most of the summer traveling across the US and Canada.



I visited 14 cities on my unconventional book tour. I shared hugs and wine and money teachings with tons of amazing people. Some have followed my work since Day One … others’ eyes lit up as they heard these un-shaming money teachings for the very first time.

It was so sweet. And I made sure to do it my very own way.

Quirky. Creative. Intuitive. Unconventional.

See, on my book tour, I didn’t just give readings in bookstores. (Though the ones I did were a blast!)

I also gathered in dear friends’ living rooms and gardens.
We sipped champagne and nibbled chocolate.
I didn’t just read excerpts — I also shared stories, riffed on questions, expounded on teachings and opened my heart.

It was so much fun — and a huge success. My book, The Art of Money: A Life-Changing Guide to Financial Happiness — has been featured on Oprah.com, went ultra-quickly into a second printing and has surpassed my publisher’s initial goals.

It makes my heart glow, seeing this money work spreading to more and more people. And I’m profoundly grateful for everyone who’s supported this book and this work. To anyone who has hosted or showed up to a book reading, bought and spread the word about the book, or simply read these newsletters and shared in my excitement: from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Missed the live tour? Hang tight …

I know: not everyone could make it to one of these live events. So now that I’m back home, I want to give all of you a chance to enjoy this unconventional style of deep money teaching.

Stay put: playful-and-deep money teachings are coming. From my home-sweet-home to yours.

It’ll be a little like inviting me into your own living room for money teachings and stories. (Only it’s actually way better. Because I’m bringing some surprises, too.)

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be hopping in your inbox a little more often than usual, sharing a series of potent and practical ways to bring more playfulness, clarity, and depth to your money relationship. That’s right …



The Money Mocha Series is around the corner!

You’re about to get a series of short, sweet, and deep money teachings. Mini-jolts of financial clarity and love. Zapped straight to your inbox.

We’ve got a fabulous series lined up for you: book readings, conversations with amazing guest teachers, stories, and brand-new teachings.

Enjoy in your living room, on a walk, or anytime you want a little boost of inspiration, empowerment, or peace in your money relationship.

The Money Mocha Series has another purpose, too. (Ohhh, and it’s a good one!)

We will be celebrating the early bird opening of year-long money school, The Art of Money 2017!

This is my flagship program for a reason. If 2017 is your year to infuse your money relationship with heaping scoops of mindfulness and love … I hope you’ll join us and receive a ton of support.

And if you’re not sure what The Art of Money is all about, or whether you’ll dig it … stay tuned for the Money Mocha series and get a great taste of what this program includes, feels like, and can do for you.

Watch out for the Money Mochas Series … starting really soon!

And thanks again for being here.

With my dearest wishes,

P.S. What did I do this summer? See behind-the-scenes photos from every city I visited in my Book Tour Travelogue — which is now complete. I’m so grateful to be home now — but this was an amazing adventure!







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