Can I buy you a Money Mocha?
+ Art of Money 2019 Is Now Open!

written by Bari Tessler October 15, 2018
Art of Money 2019

Dear Community,

Today’s the day for all of you early birds that have been waiting to join us in the next Art of Money journey!

Art of Money 2019 is open now for early bird registration for just a wee bit.

More on that in a moment, though, because you know how I love to send out a bundle of helpful free goodies whenever we open up the program?

Well, the free goodness begins now, in the form of a series of “Money Mochas,” which are like little cups of money help to start your day.

The first one is on the barista bar and ready for you, so let’s get to it…

Money Mocha #1: Why most mainstream money methods just don’t work. (And my 3-phase remedy.)


Bari Tessler | Money Mochas

What’s a Money Mocha?

It’s a bite-sized jolt of money peace and joy … AND our way of celebrating the earlybird opening of The Art of Money 2019!

Listen to this Money Mocha to get a quick, delicious taste of money wisdom … AND a peek at what it’s like to be in my year-long money school, The Art of Money.

Art of Money 2019

The Art of Money 2019 starts in January … but we just opened the doors for a quickie earlybird window.

Join my flagship program now and in addition to mentorship, my 3-phase methodology, and more peace, savvy, and compassion in your money relationship (you know, tiny little things like that!), you’ll get earlybird prezzies:

  • A live, 2-hr Kickstarter call with Bari on Sunday, October 28th – to get some love and perspective now.
  • The Holiday Money Care Package – because the Holidays can sure turn up the volume on money stress, right? Here’s a virtual eggnog and roaring fireplace to soothe and clarify.
  • Money Mapping digital guides – because once you learn this method, you’ll never “budget” again (blech!)
  • My entire digital library. Yep. Whoa. A treasure box of interviews, resources, and recommendations for you to peruse and play with.

These earlybird prezzies turn into pumpkins on October 28th … So now’s a fabulous time to join The Art of Money.

The full program kicks off in January (because the holidays are already busy enough, right?).

But when you join in our earlybird window, we’ll zap these awesome gifts to you right away, so you don’t have to wait another sec to find a little more peace and confidence and joy in your money relationship.

It would be my honor to support you next year!

Learn why people LOVE The Art of Money right here.

With butterflies and rose quartz,

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