Travelogue Collage 3

Oh, I have been dreaming of a book tour for a long, long time!

I knew I would be an author one day. (At least once. Yes, there may be more books in my future!)

And the book tour portion of this dream felt oh-so dreamy!

Travelling to new cities. Red wine and chocolate in every city! Seeing old friends, students, and newcomers to my work, in person. HUGS! Giving readings at fabulous bookstores. Connecting, sharing, inspiring, loving.

Don’t get me wrong: I love teaching my methodology online, for so many reasons. But nothing replaces connecting with folks live, in-the-flesh.

So I went full steam ahead when planning the first leg of my book tour, on the West Coast. My publisher, publicist, and I added more cities, more bookstores, and more book parties until, before we knew it, we had a 4 week adventure. There are simply so many places to go and so many people to see!! Ending with an additional week at the family cottage on Lake Michigan, this added up to 5 whole weeks on the road … and I didn’t realize how much of a challenge I’d signed up for.

It’s been a wild and wonderful adventure … and I’m so happy to share it with you!

The book tour begins! Kick-off at the Boulder Bookstore. My first book reading!

Book Tour Travelogue - Boulder

Book Tour Travelogue - Noah Introducing Bari

My sweet boy introduced me. It was adorable — and he did a great job!

Bari Boulder standing 700x

It was so good to kick-off my Art of Money book tour in my home town. There were close to 70 people in the room. (the back of the room + sides of the room were filled). We sold a lot of books (yay for supporting our local, indie bookstore). And, the bookstore invited me back, so that’s a great sign!!! My boy, Noah, introduced me. My husband Forest Linden, my mom Susan Tessler, and my co-writer Angela Raines were in the room. Plus I got to see some dear girlfriends + folks that were brand new to me.

There was an actual line for the book signing!!! And, my boy, Noah, signed his name on all of the books as well.

It was a really special evening. And, so good to have my inaugural book reading. I read from the book, told stories, and made a funny word slip up, which I can be infamous for.

Thank you everyone for celebrating with me. I am so grateful for you. And, I love you.

Bari Mountains 700

Last hike on my beloved trail before I headed out for my 5 week book tour. I’m trying to wrap my mind around travelling for that long — I’ve never done that before. Soaking up my beautiful home terrain before heading out to San Francisco.

Bari and Rebecca 700

San Francisco! I stayed in my dear friend Rebecca’s home. It was beautiful, comfy, and I had the spaciousness to keep up with some of my daily rituals and routines, like exercising and eating well. I had 4 book readings at bookstores and in cozy house parties. I missed my son and husband like crazy, though!

Bari at Book Passage 700

It was a wonderful evening at Book Passage in the San Francisco Ferry Building. By the time the Art of Money book reading started, we had a full house of folks! There were many people from the Bay Area that I’d known for years (since way back when my work was called Conscious Bookkeeping). I also met folks brand-new to my work.

Part of my publishing team was there, too. They are local to San Francisco so it was a celebration of a local publisher and a wonderful local indie bookstore in the Ferry Building.

I love this photo because of the rows of bookshelves behind me. I simply love being surrounded by this many books, it just makes me happy. Thank you San Francisco friends. It was a wonderful evening to see you all, share stories and read from The Art of Money. Dreams being lived right now.

Bari Podium Book Passage 700

Book passages line 700

After an hour of reading and storytelling from the Art of Money book, it’s book signing time. I love this part of the evening. At the Book Passage in the Ferry Building. Thank you for a wonderful evening San Francisco.

Bari holding baby 700

In between my book tour events, I’m making sure there is deep rest and play. I got to hike in the California woods with this beautiful little boy. I loved getting to wear him and enjoy nature with him. He slept for a while, then woke up during the hike, and was such a calm and happy guy the whole time. The call and response humming and sounding is one of my favorite things with babies. I have such fond memories of this time with my own boy. Thank you Rebecca for letting me hike with him today. It was really beautiful to be with him in this way and such a gift.

Bari at cafe 700

At a great cafe in Alameda, Cali. Getting reading for a house party- book reading tonight. Still missing my guys like crazy but starting to feel my traveling groove. And even though I couldn’t rent a car because my license was expired (big oops when I realized that after I arrived to San Francisco–grateful I have my passport to keep flying for my book tour!), and friends are driving me around, so it’s all working out well and I’m getting to be in community more.

Bari at reading

Book reading last night at 27 Powers in Alameda, California. Thanks to Laurie Wagner for hosting me. It was a wonderful evening with a wonderful community. Art of Money storytelling, wine, deep connection, a girl couldn’t ask for more.

Dreams being lived right now.

Bari and Laurie 700

Morning walk around the Bay with Laurie Wagner, who hosted my book reading at her home and space 27 Powers last night. So grateful.

the bay

My body time/exercise today was a long walk around the Bay. On my book tour I have a rest day in between my book events, which is really important to me. As half introvert and half extrovert, I need this rest and movement time.

Sweet spread!

Such a spread last night, with a dear group of women, and this beautiful family hosting me on my book tour. It doesn’t get better. So grateful for the lovely Rebecca McLoughlin!

Bari at Rebecca reading 700

From the beautiful, intimate house party at Rebecca McLoughlin’s house. So wonderful to share stories, teachings, and readings from my book in this way.

hiking in california

Hiking in the California woods today. I remember these smells well from when I lived here.

Forest and Noah 700

3 more days until I see my boys again. It’s hard to be away from them while I venture off on my book tour. My heart hurts. And it’s so good to be getting photos of adventures that they are taking while I’m traveling and having my book tour adventures. We’ll be meeting up in Seattle in a few days for the next leg of the book tour.

Bari and Gina 700

My dear friend Gina Valez picked me up and is driving me to Berkeley for my book reading tonight. So grateful to be taken care of and in community in this way.

Bari at Pegasus Reading

Thank you to Pegasus Books in Berkeley for a wonderful evening. Thank you dear community for coming out to see me and to celebrate the Art of Money book. I got to see a lot of old friends and students who used to know my work as Conscious Bookkeeping back in the day before I changed the name of my methodology to The Art of Money. I got to meet students who have taken my year-long-online Art of Money program. And I met brand new folks. There was also a long book signing line (some folks getting 2 or 3 books for their friends, children, sister, etc), which always makes me so happy!

flying to Seattle

Flying into Seattle for the next leg of my book tour!

Bari and Noah Airport 700

After a week away from my boys, the first hug brought a lot of tears. We’re all safely in Seattle now and ready for the next leg of my book tour and travel adventures!

Bari and Noah Seattle 700

Gluten free pastries in Seattle, Pike Peak Market. Yummy.

Bari in Seattle at reading 700

What a wild book reading evening!! First I went to the wrong Third Place Bookstore in Seattle (there are 3 locations), so the staff had to come pick me up and drive me to the correct location. There was a really nice crowd waiting for me. We start 10 minutes late, no biggie. Then 15 minutes into the reading, the lights go out, then on, fire alarms go off and we all needed to be evacuated from the bookstore. A transformer blew up. We wait 10 minutes, then head back in. Folks are really determined to be at my book reading now. I start again. 15 minutes later, lights go off and on again. I keep proceeding each time. Body Check-Ins at each juncture. I’d say it was a successful evening, even with all of the huge bumps in the road. Here I am with Eden (who I went to high school with) and Shanti (who I’ve known since Naropa days 25 years ago).

AOM Garden Party 700

Here’s a view from my Art of Money book reading in Seattle. Hosted in my dear friends’ garden! We were just getting started here and it turned out to be an incredible evening with and incredible community. The whole evening felt quite dreamy.

Bari with Maketa and Jessie 700

I adore this couple. Maketa and Reya hosted my Art of Money book reading tonight, in their garden, with a beautiful Seattle community. Such a special evening, in such a beautiful space, with such good people. I loved being able to give my book reading here. The whole evening really filled me up so much, which I am very grateful for. I’m still buzzing..

Bari Forest Noah Seattle 700

Family on a book tour. I missed them so much the first week of my book tour, while I was in San Francisco without them.

This second week of my book tour with them joining has been so good and so challenging. My little guy had food poisoning the first night in Seattle, he’s fine now. But my big guy may have mono. He’s been a big trooper and still driving us around and finding nature spots like this, and so much more, but he really should really be resting. So being present with this moment for all that it is. Deep breath, it’s beautiful here and we are together.

Seattle Beach700

Bari and Noah Ferry 700

This is happening right now. We’re on the ferry to Bainbridge Island. The wind was strong and chilly (that’s why Noah’s arms were inside his shirt). But I loved it, and spent most of my time standing in the windy part of the ferry, made me feel alive. I’m heading to my Art of Money book reading at Eagle Harbor Books at 3:00!!

Bari Noah Eagle Bookstore 700

Eagle Harbor Bookstore with my boy. Getting some pre-reading cuddles. My book reading starts soon.

Bari reading at Eagle


Art of Money Book Reading at Eagle Harbor Books on Bainbridge Island.

Noah by water

Bainbridge Island

Bari Noah and Forest Bainbridge 700


Taking the ferry back to Seattle. Thank you Bainbridge Island for a lovely visit.


Found a comfy cafe in Seattle, before we head to Vancouver, while my husband is off to Urgent Care again to see if they can figure out what’s going on with him. Travel adventures, Book Tour adventures…bumps in the road.

Within a few hours of arriving at our hotel in Seattle, my little guy got food poisoning (he’s better now) and my guy’s strep throat symptoms were increasing. My husband has continued to be sick this whole second week of the book tour and yet he is being such a trooper! And, the challenges have continued.

I’m learning that the book tour travel with my boy is harder than I imagined it to be. And, I’m also trying to find the bright side. For example, there is way less time for self-care for me, which can be hard. But I decided to let my hair go natural for a book reading, because the extra time required for blow drying/curling my hair needed to go to my family, and my natural hair got lots of love on Facebook, so it’s all good. On any journey, there will be beautiful, easeful moments and challenging, bumps in the road. This book tour has been filled with all of it.

And, I am smack dab in the middle of the messy part of my epic journey. My routine has definitely been disrupted, new experiences are being presented and I’m continuing to move forward. While I’m challenged, this is also my dream. So I will continue to ride the waves, adjust as I go, find ways to center, connection with my mission (which I always do as soon as the book reading starts), and continue putting one foot in front of the other….

And, we’re off to Canada right now for the next part of the adventure!

Bari Noah and Forest Canada

We made it to Canada!!! That is Vancouver behind us.

We are on Granville Island right on the marina. It’s been a long day. We’re grateful to be here now. And, our boy, well that’s just some serious attitude…which happens with our 7 year old boy-child.

Real deal.

Book Tour with my family.
Very good in moments + very challenging in other moments.
I’m pushing through because I’ve always wanted to cross the border into Canada.

Vancouver View 700

Bari at Banyen

Vancouver, I had such a good a good evening with you!! We had 60-70 people come out tonight to Banyen Books & Sound. All the seats in the main room were filled and folks were lining the hallway as well. I wish I had a photo of this but I was usually focusing on the reading and not the photos! Thank you to everyone who came out this evening. And, thank you for deeply enjoying my Art of Money stories. So grateful for such a wonderful evening. I’m smitten Vancouver, I really am! So happy I got myself across the border.

me + Brenda St. Louis Vancouver book tour

I met so many dear colleagues, friends and Art of Money students at every single book reading. This is Brenda St. Louis (a Money Coach from Vancouver). She came to my hotel after with a small crew of folks for a late dinner and wine. It was so lovely. 


A month after giving a book reading at Banyen Books in Vancouver, this photo pops up on social media, a blown up version of my book cover on the bookstore window. Banyen Books, I love you and you’re just luring me back to Vancouver and your wonderful bookstore, aren’t you?!

vancouver view 550
My View in Vancouver. My boys are down on the beach enjoying the water, sand + sun.

vancouver selfie tree 550
Somewhere shady in Vancouver, with my tree friends, while my boys play in the ocean + sun, nearby. Resting mama bear after 9 book readings. I’m really smitten with Vancouver! And, I’m so grateful to have carved out some rest days as well on this big epic book tour adventure.

forest and noah 560

My boys have been having a hard time on this trip. My dear girlfriend who has raised boys said, “you know they have hormones going on as well, not just the girls. So love them through their growing pains.” That is some good advice. They fly home tomorrow. And I get a week in Portland for the 4th week of my book tour all by myself.

portland train 560

I’m giddy to be taking a train to Portland!

hotel modera
I always love staying at Hotel Modera in Portland, OR. 

me beth 560

Had a lovely coffee date with @bethkempton in Portland!! So fun to get to spend a little time with you Beth. Thank you so much for coming to my book reading last night. And, I’m excited for my guest post to go live on your blog soon, “Do What You Love”. And I’m excited for your book to come out onto the world.

me terry 560
I was about to join the leagues of Brene Brown and Elizabeth Gilbert and start sharing pictures of my panties drying on lampshades from my book tour hotel room (because I’m out of clean undies!). I would only send the photos to my closest girlfriends of course (and my husband). But this amazing woman, Terry Jordan, has not only come to my hotel room to give me massage but she is also taking home my laundry to do it for me tonight!!! Terry, you are simply the best and an angel on earth. Thank you so much.

p.s. Brene and Elizabeth tell funny stories how book tours are not as glamorous as they seem. And, they share photos of underwear drying on lampshades with each other privately and also all of the caesar salads they have eaten on their travels. I love these stories.

sellwood yoga book reading

Book Reading at Sellwood Yoga Studio, Portland, Oregon. 

portland trees
Portland trees…


Real life book tour adventures as I head into my 11th reading before I have a break. This is what I’ve been doing all day in my hotel room in Portland. Woke up to a swollen throat so have been resting and reading all day. I have my final book reading tonight in Portland at Annie Blooms Bookstore and I’m still going to show up with bells on. Even in the midst of this, I’m looking forward to sharing my Art of Money teachings + stories. As my friend Sara Blackthorne says about my reading tonight, “Let’s fill the bookstore with love, compassion, and empathy about money, life, and the world as we know it”. We could all use a huge extra dose of this of this right now and I’m planning to bring it (and maybe with this crazy hair and all!)


Last night at Annie Blooms Bookstore in Portland was a wonderful evening! We had almost 50 folks come out to my Art of Money book reading/signing. The energy-connection in the room was wonderful and by far the longest book signing line of the book tour. This all made me incredibly happy.

Thank you everyone for making my 11th book reading (even with a swollen throat) such a good ending to the first leg of my book tour.

I am now going to rest and celebrate this first part of my book tour, something I have dreamt about for years. I’ll spend a few days with my mom in Portland and then a much needed family vacation on the lake in Michigan.


I’m on a very full Southwest flight and trying to find a middle seat. I just had a feeling this row was for me. I start talking to the guy to the right of me and I share that I’ve been on a booktour for 4 weeks and heading into a vacation. He asks me about the book, so I take one out (I’ve been carrying one around around wherever I go on this book tour because I like to give them away to the rightpeople). And this woman, Heather, on my left looks over and says, “I know that book, I’m reading it right now!” Wait, what?! How cool is that. She found it on Amazon in the New and Noteworthy section. She was wanting to supplement some of her Dave Ramsey money teachings. I love this life moment so much, I can’t even explain.

lake book

Last day on Lake Michigan, end of my 5 week travel adventure, with 4 weeks of book tour, (the first leg of my book tour). Letting it in that my Art of Money: A Life-Changing Guide to Financial Happiness book has been published. I’m re-reading the chapters, letting it sink in, we really did it. This book is out in the world now and being enjoyed by so many dear folks around the globe. So grateful for all of it.


Home sweet home. Arrived home in Boulder, Colorado. Dropped off luggage at home, said a little hello but it felt unfamiliar after 5 weeks traveling. Drove 7 minutes to the trailhead and started hiking on my favorite trail. I’m going crazily slow and it’s so good to be here. First leg of my Art of Money book tour mission accomplished, now I rest. Well for 5 days before I head out again for another book reading, this one at Vroman’s Bookstore in Pasadena on Sunday, August 14th at 3:00. But for now I rest and breathe in the mountain air. Home sweet home.

pasadena tree
Off again for more book tour travels, this time Southern California! This was the tree in front of the hotel I was staying at in Pasadena, California. I’m always looking for the trees. And, I loved this hotel as well. I found it online and while the lobby and loved staying here


vroman's book reading 560


My 12th Art of Money book reading!  This was the scene at Vroman’s Bookstore the other day in Pasadena, California. We had over 50 folks in the room and it was a wonderful community that came out. It was also a very enthusiastic book signing line which always makes me very happy. Thank you Southern Cali for another wonderful book reading/storytelling experience.

When I set out on my book tour, folks were concerned that book readings/signings were dead. And, we’ve had 40-70 folks at 90% of my events. It’s been really wonderful to have my community show up, bring friends and to have new folks come as well!

papa noah
I’m in Southern Cali on my book tour for another day. And I got beautiful photos of my boys in the Boulder, Colorado woods last night as I was giving my book reading in Pasadena, California and celebrating with friends at a wine bar after. They went camping and loved it. There were some important life lessons happening in the woods and Noah was practicing “going with the flow”. It’s so important to me to know they are having such good experiences while I’m away. The rest of my book tour trips will only be 4 days. Anything longer doesn’t feel right for my family right now. Thank you dear husband for taking care of our boy and giving him such wonderful adventures.


After 3 weeks of rest, I’m heading back out on my book tour for another Art of Money book reading and signing. This time it’s a road trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico. My family was planing to come but our boy made the traveling soccer team so he has his first game this weekend. So it’s my first solo road trip in over a decade since I had my child. My book reading in Santa Fe has been timed perfectly so I’ll get to do some African and Haitian based dance while I’m there at the Railyard Center. And then I’ll be giving my book reading in the same space this Sunday eve, September 11th at 7:00! Santa Fe community, here I come.

Because I just danced (my second African dance class of the day) at Railyard and then went in search of my door and found it.


A box of chocolate truffle perfection from Kakawa Chocolate House in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


My 13th Art of Money book reading last night in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was hosted at the Railyard Performance Center by Elise and Lucy. It was an intimate evening with really good folks, great energy, good lighting and a good amount of books sold. I learned that there is a lot more folks in my year-long Art of Money program from Santa Fe than I knew. I was at the farmers market the day before and two different folks recognized me and introduced themselves (one man and one woman) and then more came to my reading. I love meeting my community live and love meeting the new folks who come the readings as well. Thank you Santa Fe for a lovely solo roadtrip adventure.


I’m so grateful for both of these ladies, Elise Gent and Lucy Foma (mother and daughter). It’s one of my favorite synchronicity stories. I have been coming to Santa Fe with my family for a few years now. I discovered the Saturday dance class with Elise a few years back and have been coming to dance a few times per year with her and the wonderful Santa Fe community! (They also host Afro-Haitian and African dance camps in this space).

At the beginning of this year, my family was visiting Santa Fe and I was getting ready for the dance class sitting on a bench in the Railyard Performance Center. I’m in my own mind, getting ready, and I hear someone say, “I think you are my teacher, I’m in your Art of Money program!”. What? I look over next to me and meet Lucy for the first time who is also sitting on the bench 🙂. Next I learn that she is Elise’s daughter!! The world is a beautiful and connected place. And, sometimes I simply need to leave my comfortable house to have these amazing connections.

So, it seemed perfect to be hosted by them at Railyard for my 13th book reading last night. Lucy, thank you for the wonderful introduction to my book reading. And, Elise, thank you for your dance and your space. Thank you both for feeling like family to me. In gratitude. 


After a bumpy flight, I’m now officially in Boston for the first time! I was picked up at the airport by Lumina Gershfield Cordova who brought me flowers, chocolate and love. And now I’m at my hotel, which is probably the fanciest hotel I have ever stayed in. It’s a wonderful way to complete my book tour.

Boston. You’re feeling like the city I grew up in, Chicago. Not the people but the brownstones and trees. This is the outside of the Trident Bookstore where I’ll be giving my 14th and final book reading for my 2016 Art of Money book tour. Tonight at 7:00pm. I’ll be weaving in stories, wisdom and excerpts from my book, The Art of Money: A Life-Changing Guide to Financial Happiness.


It’s all about the skirt. Well, not really, but it’s still so FUN. It’s really all about being present for my book reading, and wearing something that I can breathe in and feel good, while I’m sharing stories from The Art of Money book. I wanted to be a little more colorful for my final book reading!! Boston, here I come.


My dear friend, colleague, bookkeeper, Jess Salzman (of Heart Based Bookkeeping) introducing me for my final book reading in Boston. Jess is also a Guest Teacher in the year-long Art of Money program and one of our Teaching Assistants who adores supporting our community. 

Celebrating in Boston with these two beauties last night over sushi and wine after my final Art of Money 2016 book reading.

And, that’s a wrap on my Art of Money 2016 book tour!


I’m back home on my mountain again in Boulder, CO. Now that my Art of Money 2016 book tour travels are complete, and my husband is home from his travels, it’s really time to deepen the grooves again and to rest, rejuvenate and come back to my daily rhythms. It’s also time to deeply celebrate that my book is selling well and getting out there to new folks all across the world. My treasured community is growing (in a sustainable way) which I am incredibly grateful for. And this is one of my places where I give thanks.

Thank you all for joining me on this incredible journey. I look forward to what 2017 will bring for my continued book tour. 

With my dearest, dearest wishes,