In Their Words: Real Life Stories From Mentor Program Alumni

written by Bari Tessler March 11, 2024

Hello, my dear colleague,

What do you do when a difficult money conversation comes up during a session, and your client breaks down, overcome with emotion?

What tools or personal practices can you turn to in the moment when your client’s big money emotions trigger your own?

How do you learn to work with those difficult emotions and the money stories behind them?

What about the stories and money beliefs you bring to your work with clients and professional practice?

What about the fundamental financial understanding you need to build a sustainable business?

Where do you find the resources and guidance you need to build and grow your practice in alignment with your personal needs and values?

These are just some of the questions that a dedicated community of brave financial professionals, coaches, and therapists have found the answers to in my Art of Money Mentor Program.

But you don’t need to just take my word for that. Here’s a handful of them describing their experience of the Mentor Program in their own words.

I always trust Bari to hold a space that is meaningful and transformative, and that’s exactly what happened this time.
My favorite parts of the mentor program experience were the live calls, getting to interact with people, hearing other people’s experiences, but also the opportunity in a safe space to explore really deep questions about how we feel and what we look at when we deal with money. So the live calls felt very visceral and deep and powerful to me.
And, I loved all the topics covered from the practical side about pricing and services all the way to looking at Enneagram more deeply as a way to understand our experience with money to looking at trauma. Both of the guest mentors were excellent and brought added nuance and depth to the experience.
It has been transformative for me and I’m so grateful that I made the investment in both time and money. – Caroline Donahue, Book Coach

“I signed up for the AOM Mentor Program for two reasons and was blown away in both. First, I wanted to work on any money issues I have that might be affecting my life, my business, and how I serve my audience.

Within the first two live sessions, I immediately uncovered two money stories that I hadn’t already recognized in my previous money work. Bari’s work also introduced me to the somatic pieces that I had been missing.

I can be too cerebral and, therefore, can attract an audience with the same struggles.

Second, I wanted to become a better practitioner by learning more about how to support my own clients about money, yes, but also about other sensitive areas that are relevant to my specific work. Bari did not disappoint. I appreciated watching Bari hold space for us, and I watched her leadership style closely.

Every now and then, you get to see a master at work, and this was one of those opportunities. I watched the authenticity with which she uses her methods in her own work and how she leads with her values while respecting those of her clients. I watched how she balances being gentle with pushing, when being gentle was all that someone could handle or when a push was what someone needed.

She understands when to invite, when to direct, and when to leave it alone. I watched her be a smart leader in a room full of smart leaders, the quintessential coach’s coach. I will take ALL of this with me into my own practice and program design.” – Cori Willis, Attorney & Business Coach

Or, as one of the very first mentor community members put it:

“I am so grateful to have been a founding member of the AOM Mentorship Program! I received so many tangible and intangible gifts as a result of showing up, the greatest being the healing that occurred when I allowed myself to be seen and heard.

One of my intentions for this program was to expand my toolbox and bring a more balanced flow to my coaching sessions that allows time and space for both the inner and outer work of financial recovery.

Being a part of this mentorship allowed me to slow down and bring in more of the healing tools that I already had – and was somewhat reluctant to use – because I wanted my clients to feel like they were moving forward and had momentum. Slowing down and incorporating more somatic practices in my work with clients has enriched the process.

If you feel called to take the next step in your own money healing journey, I highly recommend this program. Bari creates a sacred container for this work, and she is a wise and loving mentor. Her support was invaluable, as was the support of the amazing members who also chose to show up – some of whom I continue to meet with to this day.” – Dana Conley, Certified Financial Recovery Counselor

This is why I created the Art of Money Mentor Program.

The things that the past members of the Mentor Program mentioned above are a taste of some of the things people get out of the Art of Money Mentor Program.

Coaches, therapists, and financial professionals have always been part of my programs, even when I was teaching my very first group financial therapy workshops in my living room 23 years ago.

This is a safe, brave, welcoming space made just for people just like you: compassionate people who make a living helping others.

This intimate life and business-changing journey will run from March 21st, 2024 – July 11th, 2024 and registration for the program is closing in a few days.

This is your invitation to be a part of the community that will travel together on this journey, to be resourced and equipped in the way you’ve always longed to be – and to watch the healing ripple through your life, your business, and out into the world.

Click the button below and let’s see what dreams we can make real.

With my dearest wishes,

P.S. That living room I mentioned above where I taught my first workshops? Here I am in it, around 23 years ago, working with our two kitties, Finn and Lily. This was around 2002, when the internet was still new and the iphone didn’t exist yet. See the land line phones on the table?

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