Money Mocha #6: Money as Self-Care Practice.

written by Bari Tessler November 17, 2014

Dear Community,

Today, I’ve got another, super-tasty Money Mocha for you!

We hope you’re loving this special, sneak-peek behind the scenes of the Art of Money. And we hope this Money Mocha is good to the last drop …

If you’re not sure whether The Art of Money is your cuppa chocolate, we think this will help. Go on … don’t let it get cold!

Money Mocha #6: Money as Self-Care Practice with Bari and Sara Avant Stover

Imagine sinking into a luxurious bubble bath. The worries of your day dissolve in the lavender-scented bubbles and soft candlelight. You glide a few rose petals between your fingers as gentle music plays.

All is well and all is well and all is well.
This is how you come back to yourself.
A regular time-out, just for you.
So you can feel relaxed and replenished, connected and conscious.

Even if a bubble bath isn’t your go-to indulgence, I’m sure you have your own version of a regular self-care practice: your daily yoga routine, that monthly mani-pedi, or silent meditation when things get stressful.

Believe it or not, you can turn your money practice into a decadent self-care practice.

(Yes, just like that bubble bath.)

Sound far-fetched? I know. But it’s really possible! The good news is: you already know how to do this! So many of the principles you use in other self-care practices apply to your money practice.

The even better news? When you start relating to money this way, you will experience empowering, liberating shifts. Inner and outer. Subtle and massive.

If you’d like to transform your icky/boring bookkeeping into a luxurious self-care practice, here’s something I know you’ll love…

Listen to a short audio below about Money as a Self-Care Practice, from behind-the-scenes of the Art of Money.

Curl up in your favorite spot and listen to me and Sara talk about:

  • What “money as a self-care practice” means — and why it’s important
  • The key principles to any self-care practice, including money (hint: it’s NOT harsh discipline)
  • The most basic tool for any Money Practice, and how to do it
  • The 3 levels of a Money Practice, and what they involve
  • My “3 T’s” of bringing spirit into a money practice — and how my teachings on money and spirituality have changed since I entered my 40’s.

I’m so grateful to my dear friend, Sara Avant Stover, for holding such a beautiful space for me to share this teaching with you.

Of course, it’s sliced from a longer recording (available to my Art of Money students), so it doesn’t cover everything about this rich topic. But it will give you a fabulous overview, so you can get started relating to money in this new way, today.

This is the final installment of our Money Mochas series: a free taste of the Art of Money.

If you liked this piece, you’d love the Art of Money: my year-long money school. 

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