Oh…the Holidays. Warm fuzzies and tricky money stuff. Help is inside…

written by Bari Tessler December 1, 2014

Dear Community,

Whew! What a gloriously busy autumn it’s been here! I’ve been full, full, full, both with my own projects and stepping out into the world:

:: I’m guiding our beloved Art of Money 2014 community into the final month of our year-long journey together.

:: We just welcomed over 170 wonderful early-birds to the Art of Money 2015. (Did you want in? Don’t fret: we’ll re-open on January 3rd!)

:: Annnnd we just finished up a delightful Money Mocha Series: mini jolts of money clarity from behind the scenes of the Art of Money.

Lots going on for our team…and probably for you too!

This is such a rich, paradoxical time of year, isn’t it?

It’s got the frenzied excitement AND the delicate, contemplative turn within. It’s about looking back to review what’s happened — and setting intentions for the New Year. It’s social, solitary, and spiritual. It’s a tender threshold that brings up so much, for so many of us.

And, guess what? All of this affects our relationship with money, this time of year!

Give your Money Story some extra lovin’ this Holiday Season with this curated collection of articles from my archive:

Change Your Holiday Money Story.

We all have Money Stories. AND we all have Holiday Money Stories. If you start feeling stressed, numb, triggered, or anxious around money this season, you really do have the power to shift into a far more empowering space. Here’s help.

Create an End-of-Year Money Ritual.

Think of this as the Ultimate Money Date. As you cross the delicate threshold between one year and the next, it can be a wonderful time to look back, look ahead, get some data, and set some clear, grounded intentions about your money.

Start with Part One: Looking Back before heading to Part Two: Looking Ahead.

Write a Holiday Love Note.

I love this. It’s an invitation from my soulful friend, Hannah Marcotti. And it’s a beautiful way to love yourself and set the tone for the season. Read mine (and get inspired to write your own) here.

With love and Holiday blessings,

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