Money Mocha #5: How Sitting in a Closet
for 2 Years Jumpstarted my Biz. (Really!)

written by Bari Tessler November 14, 2014

Grab a favorite beverage and indulge in our Money Mochas Series: mini-jolts of sweet, delicious money clarity. These bite-sized morsels are all heart-plucked from the member’s only area of my beloved year-long money school: The Art of Money.

This series is our way of celebrating opening our doors (and hearts!) for the early bird group of Art of Money 2016 students. (The program begins in January 2016, but we’re opening the doors between November 1 and November 15th, 2015 for those who are ready to get started now with the early bonus classes and materials.)

These Money Mochas will give you a delightful taste of the Art of Money experience. If you love this Money Mocha as much as we hope, you can learn more about The Art of Money 2016 (open now!) right here.

Dear Community,

Back in my twenties, no one would’ve predicted that my work in the world would have anything to do with money.

Least of all, me!

My journey from Somatic Psychotherapist through Hospice worker … to here has been rich and full of surprises.

Along the way I’ve not only delved deep, deep, deep into money work — I’ve also learned how to become a savvy creative entrepreneur.

If you run your own business (or would love to), I know you’ll appreciate this short video clip. It’s sliced straight from a Live Webcast Q&A program all about the Creative Entrepreneurial journey that I shared with my Art of Money students this year.

Money Mocha #5: Money, Stepping Stones, and My Journey as a Creative Entrepreneur

Kick back, nibble some chocolate, and watch me share:

  • The simple practice I use to start all of my teaching calls (it’s my #1 tool for deep money work, too!)
  • How it all began: why I started this money work, and how my business has evolved over the years
  • My old “money ceiling” of $11/hour … and what it took for me to break through it
  • Why sitting in a closet for 2 years was the perfect stepping stone for my business (really!).

Enjoy, everyone!

What’s a Money Mocha, you ask?

It’s a mini-jolt of money clarity. And a scrumptious taste of the Art of Money experience.

That’s right: my beloved, year-long money school, The Art of Money, is now open for a limited time for the early birds who are raring to begin their journey now.

So we’re giving you a delightful series of free content, pulled from behind the curtain of The Art of Money.

Why? Because we know many of you are wondering if the Art of Money is right for you — and we want to give you a fun, free, chocolatey taste of what happens in this program.

The Art of Money is now open, for a limited time. We’ll kick things off in January … but when you sign up now, you’ll receive a boatload of bonus goodies (for details, see the p.s. below), so you can start turning money into your powerful ally, right now.

Is 2016 your year to join the global conscious money movement?

Click here to learn about The Art of Money.

Meanwhile, enjoy the Money Mocha, everyone. Chocolatey cheers to you!


P.S. A special note to my dear creative entrepreneurs!

I know so many of you in my community are creative entrepreneurs — and I lovelovelove sharing anything I can about my own journey to support you!

That’s why I always make plenty of time in the Art of Money (my beloved, year-long money school) to talk biz finances — the practical stuff AND all the deep emotional work that goes along with being a creative entrepreneur.

The Art of Money weaves personal, couple, and biz finances into one complete tapestry.

We’re about to welcome students into our third year … and we’d love you to join us! AOM 2016 “officially” begins in January … but if you sign up now, you’ll get some fabulous extras, so you can begin your journey today:

  • A live, Kickstarter call with me on November 15th, 2015
  • Our beloved, annual Money and Life Intention Tele-Ritual in December
  • Oodles of other goodies: a Holiday Money Care package, workbooks on Money Mapping, how to pick the best bookkeeping system for you … and more.

Click here to read more about the Art of Money and all the gifts we’re giving you earlybirds!

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