Art of Money meets Money Grit:
A Fireside Chat with Karen McCall

written by Bari Tessler January 13, 2021
Money Pioneer, Karen McCall, and I have a wonderful chat about all things money.

Dear Friend,

If you’ve been a part of this chocolate and encouragement fuelled community for long, you know that I love to blend practical tools with dreamy inspiration.

I’m so excited to pop into your inbox to share the interview I did with Karen McCall at the very beginning of the new year. I had just turned 52 the day before, and then Karen reminded me that she was 77. I sit in awe of her energy and continued commitment to her life and work.

Karen is one of the first money pioneers that I heard about when I was starting my Financial Therapy work in 2001. As the Founder of The Financial Recovery Institute, Karen has trained many Financial Coaches over the years. She is also the creator of “Money Grit” (formerly “Money Minder”) – a bookkeeping system that our Art of Money community loves to use as their primary financial tracking system.

When I marveled out loud at her abundance of energy – and mentioned the lack of mine – she reassured me, “yeah, but you are in your menopause years. Hang in there. It will change”. It was the vote of confidence I needed, so, I’m choosing to believe her!

Over the years, Karen and I have lovingly shared many students who have been a part of both of our communities. They take her financial coaching training and then join my year-long Art of Money program to do their own personal money work, watching and learning from how we hold space and teach Financial Therapy. Whatever order they come in, the connection across our work and communities is a well-worn path between friends and peers.

What I loved most about this interview was how relaxed we both were. Karen asked me questions for a while, then her community asked us questions that we both answered, sharing our thoughts based on our decades of experience.

We talk about Money Dates, money as a self-care practice, how to make good money decisions, managing what to do with money anxiety, navigating business models, how to price your services, and so much more – from personal to practical.

Ready to bring some candid laughter and practical learning to your money work? Watch the full interview below.

Oh, yes, this IS a video interview – which I rarely say yes to – so enjoy the visual experience!

Sending my dearest wishes to you all,

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