Soft open, soft close: Why the Art of Money program is still open for registration.

Dear money adventurer,
One thing my life as a creative entrepreneur has taught me, again and again:

This life is your dance. You, and only you, have the power to choose how you’ll dance it.

For me, the most important drumbeat I dance to is my heart.
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The Art of Money Begins Today

praying smiling image

In case you missed it (because I know you’re busy):

The Art of Money 2016 begins today!

In a few short hours, we will open up our private Facebook group and send out the very first Monthly Mission.

Want in? Details + registration here.

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The Art of Money 2016 Starts Tomorrow! 24 hours to go. Are You In?


It all starts tomorrow.

A wise and eclectic group of people from across the globe (people from over 17 countries!) have gathered together to do something incredible.

They have said “enough!” to feeling ashamed about money, to feeling confused and overwhelmed about what to do, to feeling that nagging mis-alignment between their finances and the LIFE they most want.

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