Pocket Map for your Money Roadtrip

Money can’t buy happiness, but consciousness can.

You strive to be conscious in all areas of life: relationships, spiritual practice, raising children, your work in the world. But bringing awareness into your relationship with money? Isn’t the easiest thing.

With this free course, you’ll learn how to take the wheel and steer your money life where you want it to go. You’ll come back with healing, awareness, and clarity in your bag.

Because you don’t need money to grow on trees if you plant wildflowers in your bank account.



Here’s what happens when I get to craft my dream party. (You’re invited!)

Dear Community,

Imagine you got to design your dream party. And every element was up to you: the beautiful location (beach, please!), the sumptuous menu (CHOCOLATE!), even the perfect music to set the mood.

Well, that’s basically the opportunity I’ve been given by the good folks over at en*theos!…

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How this personality system I used to hate actually helped me grow my business in a huge way.



Here’s one BIG thing I’ve learned about creative entrepreneurship:

It’s not just what we offer through our business that matters. It’s how we offer it.

I’ve seen this time and time again, in my own business. Of course, the content I offer (healing our relationship with money) is valuable and unique.…

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What these 33 brave souls shared stopped me in my tracks…and left me inspired.


Dear Community,

Today, we’re celebrating! And you’re invited to the party.

No RSVP required. Or casserole. Just bring your deep heart and open mind.

One year ago today, we shared something utterly new with the world.

It was our Money Memoirs series: a free, intimate gathering for truth-telling about money.…

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How can discussing money bring you closer with your honey than sex? I’ll let him explain…


Some Money Dates are planned. Others just … happen.

This Saturday night, my husband, Forest, and I suddenly found ourselves smack dab in the middle of a Money Date. It wasn’t planned. And it definitely wasn’t all “sunshine and rainbows.” But we stuck with it, through sobering compromises and unexpected celebrations.…

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This woman uncovers money patterns through interior design. And I love her for it.


Welcome to the Money Mentor Series! This is a special guest post from my dear colleague and friend, Rebecca McLoughlin. Rebecca has been a member of the Art of Money community for years now, doing her own deep money work. She is also a gifted guide in her own field, Interior Life Design, where she weaves together deep inner work and beautiful, authentic home design.

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