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What it really takes to support your family as Single Mom + Solo Entrepreneur

Today I’m so honored and excited to introduce you to Toi Smith. Toi is a Business Strategist and Coach for Visionary Black Women, founder of The Gamechangers Fund, and a single Mom of 4 young boys. Let me preface this interview by saying that Toi is also tenacious with a capital T. She shares so powerfully in this Money-Memoirs conversation: About the strengths that helped her get to where she is now in her business, the patterns she’s identified around…

January 12, 2020
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Dearest community, I’m bursting with anticipation … today’s the day! We just opened the doors to my year-long, global money school: The Art of Money 2020. YESSS! You can sign up now for my year-long global money school, The Art of Money. Gentle head’s up though: the doors won’t be open for too long. Believe me, I’m not trying to urge you into a rushed money decision, because that would be the opposite of what I teach in the program.…

January 11, 2020
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Art of Money 2020 Money Memoirs

Drumroll, please … (with happy dances and some celebratory chocolate!) … Money Memoirs are coming back in just a few days! Oooooh, get ready. If you’ve been around awhile, you know that every year around Art of Money headquarters, it’s a tradition to publish a new series of intimate money conversations, and you’ll know how good these are. And if you’re new to the community (hi!!), you’re in for a totally different kind of treat. Hear real, raw money stories.…

January 8, 2020
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