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27 money dates

When was the last time you took yourself on a money date? Okay, I admit, it might not have the same appeal as dinner + a movie, but the rewards of regular money dates are huge and far reaching. And it may surprise you to experience just how fun, satisfying, sexy, and nourishing they can be!  What exactly is a Money Date, you ask? A Money Date is simply time and space for you to connect with your money relationship.…

February 12, 2020
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The Antidote to Money Shame

Most of us have HUGE resistance to doing money work — at least in the beginning. An elegant, successful client of mine once told me: she’d rather talk about her sex life than her bank accounts! And even when we know that we “should” work on our money — we’re still resistant. Talk to a bookkeeper? Yikes! Look at our income and spending with our honey? Run away!! There’s a name for this resistance. It’s not just fear. It’s shame.…

February 6, 2020
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Dear Community, I hope you’ve enjoyed this year’s Money Memoir Series! Having real, open conversations about money is such an honor for me — and truly part of my life mission. I love creating safe spaces for people from all backgrounds and walks of life to share about their unique money stories. The hard stuff and what it taught them. Practical tidbits and deep spiritual wisdom.  If YOU are inspired to pour more love, honesty, and smarts into your money…

January 29, 2020
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