Money Mochas

“I’ve never been good with money, and I never will be.”

“Just thinking about money makes me feel overwhelmed. I don’t even know where to start.”

“I screwed up…again. Ahhhhggh! When will I grow up around money?? Why does this have to be so freaking hard?”

Sound familiar?

It isn’t just you. It’s pretty much all of us.

Hardly anyone gets a real financial education before they’re out in the world on their own.

One day we find ourselves trying to cobble the pieces together, and realize that we aren’t quite sure how to deal with this money thing.

For me, that moment of realization happened a year after I finished my Masters degree in psychology.

One day, I was going through my mail and I paused when I saw the envelope with my monthly bank statement in it.

I opened it and literally said out loud, “What does one even do with this?”…and I dropped it in the garbage can.

The irony is that the university I went to was all about bringing mindfulness into everyday life.

But they never said a word about interacting with money in any of my classes, so there I was, dropping bank statements in the trash bin.

The truth is, our relationship with money goes far deeper than buying groceries and paying bills and reconciling our bank statements.

It’s woven into the beliefs and stories we inherited from our families.

It’s threaded into the emotions that come up around money.

It’s intertwined with how we value our work and time.

It touches literally every part of our life, whether we want it to or not.

And if you’re anything like I was after I got out of university, there’s probably some areas in your money life that are…less than healthy. (Which, by the way, is totally normal.)

But here’s the thing:

It doesn’t have to be this way.

You don’t have to stay stuck in old patterns around money.

Your finances don’t have to be stressful and anxiety-inducing, and this whole money thing doesn’t need to leave you feeling like you’re not good enough. (Because, spoiler alert, you are.)

You don’t need to let unconscious money habits keep putting you into self destruction mode.

If you take one thing away from this little letter, let it be this: changing your relationship with money can change your life.

Sometimes all we need is a new perspective and some new tools to deal with old problems.

And then? Everything can change, because remember: money affects every part of our lives.

I’ve seen this kind of change happen literally thousands of times (seriously…more than 5,000 people have been through my courses about money), and it can happen for you, too.

So…want to see for yourself? How about a free, chocolatey sampler platter?


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What the heck is a “money mocha,” you ask?

They’re short, sweet, and deep money teachings.

Mini-jolts of financial clarity and love delivered right to your inbox.

These are latte mug-sized samples of everything you need to start a new relationship with money.

They’ll help you bring more clarity and depth to your money relationship…in the time it takes to sip a mocha. (Unless you’re my husband, who drinks his mocha in 2 minutes flat. Strangest coffee habit I’ve ever seen.)

Over the course of seven days, you’ll see short, easy-to-read introductions about…

  • Useful tools you can use to help with challenging money emotions (think stress, overwhelm, shame, and fear.)
  • Creative exercises to help you build a more confident, empowered relationship with money.
  • Practical steps you can take right now to start changing the way you interact with money on a daily basis.
  • A new way to keep your books where your deep values get infused into what used to be dry, boring number tracking.

Whether you’re tentatively wading into these new waters or wholeheartedly diving in, all of you is welcome here, nervous jitters and all.

I know these woods like the back of my hand, my friend, and I’d be honored to show you the way.

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