Navigating Mental Health, Financial Health, and Daily Life

written by Bari Tessler October 12, 2022
Navigating mental health, financial health, and daily life

Dear Money Adventurer,

Did you know that it was World Mental Health Day on October 10th?

Mental health is an issue that impacts so many of our lives, our families, and our communities, on so many different levels, still–just like money–we’re reluctant to talk about it.

And yet, just like money, when we open up to speak honestly about mental health issues, we break through the silence, break down the stigma, and allow amazing healing to begin.

I am thankful to have had the opportunity to explore the intersections of money, mental health, and relationships with a few of my wonderful colleagues recently. And I cannot think of a better time to share them with you.

Last month, I joined Dr. Will Van Derveer and Keith Kurlander on the Higher Practice Podcast to talk about financial health and how the psychology of money impacts our internal world and external lives. Together, we waded into the depths of money, health, entrepreneurship, partnership, and parenting to illuminate the myriad ways that our relationship with money influences our lived experiences of health and well-being. Listen here to dive deep with us and find out:

  • Why financial health is an essential element of personal wellness
  • What is “noble poverty,” and why is it so prevalent among health professionals and mental health practitioners?
  • The two tools I share when people ask, “how do I create a healthier relationship with money?”
  • The role financial literacy and emotional literacy play in healthy couples dynamics
  • Four things parents need to know to help their kids have a healthier relationship with money

I also want to take this opportunity to highlight a powerful Money Memoir from the past. I had the privilege of interviewing Author, Certified Financial Planner, and 25-year veteran of the Financial Services industry, Manisha Thakor, about financial literacy, emotional literacy, and her own mental health journey–and she held nothing back. Tune in to this heartfelt conversation right here for an unflinching exploration of:

  • How Manisha was officially diagnosed with Bipolar Disordered after years of extreme symptoms that were masked by the realities of working on Wall Street
  • The different ways mood and mental health can affect our relationship with money
  • Manisha’s “soul-based crisis” and how it shifted her identity, career, relationships, and the way she lives her life
  • The real-life challenges of sustaining personal money practices when you’re struggling with your mental health
  • Why Manisha is so open about sharing her mental health journey

I hope you’ll take some time to listen to one or even both of these conversations because, just like money, mental health touches every part of our lives. And when we bring gentle awareness and compassion to these sensitive subjects, we create space for ourselves–and each other–to step out of the shadows of shame.

We break the silence and give voice to our own authentic experiences.

We discover that we aren’t alone and that we never were.

And we begin to build a safer, more accessible, more welcoming world for everyone.

That is my dearest wish for us all.

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