How to Make Love and Money Work in the Long Run

written by Bari Tessler October 18, 2022
How to Make Love and Money Work in the Long Run

Dear Money Adventurer,

Learning how to work with your money emotions and understand your money story while growing through life is difficult for anyone to navigate.

For partners committed to sharing their lives, it isn’t just your own money emotions and stories that you need to learn to create space for. You have to figure out how to honor each other’s money journey, emotions, and stories, too.

But how do you do that when you never learned how to engage with money and talk about money in a healthy way?

No wonder so many couples struggle to communicate when it comes to money. Even couples who otherwise share openly and mindfully about tough topics can have a hard time finding the same page when the subject of money comes up.

So I was thrilled to join Financial Therapist Ed Coambs as a guest on his podcast, “Healthy Love and Money,” to explore how body-based practices can empower us in our relationships with money and our loved ones.

From my journey to becoming a financial therapist–and my husband naming this work for what it is–to couples money dates, entrepreneurship, and debriefing financial decisions with your spouse, this conversation is about navigating long-term love and money with grace and compassion.

When you’re ready to listen in, grab a cup of your favorite fall beverage and tune in here to discover:

  • How teenage curiosity planted the seeds that led to my work as a Financial Therapist
  • Why I love to dance–and why Somatic Practices are so important to me
  • My favorite tool to help you get grounded and bring awareness to challenging emotions before they lead to conflict with your sweetie
  • What it means for romantic partners to honor and hold space for each other’s money stories and emotions
  • What “staying in sync” with your partner looks like and how we can honor each other’s needs–and our own boundaries–in money, love, and business

If you and your sweetie could use a little tenderness in your money life, or even if you’re single and just learning to make space for your own money story and emotions, this interview will empower you with tools and practices to build a healthier relationship with money.

Is money a sore spot in your relationship? Let this be a gentle reminder that awareness leads to understanding–and it is in understanding that we are able to plant the seeds of change with the love and compassion they need to grow.

With my dearest wishes,

P.S. My new Art of Money Workbook is now available everywhere online and in many local bookstores as well.

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