Why Mentorship and Not Certification?

written by Bari Tessler May 20, 2022

Dear therapists, coaches, and financial professionals,

As a Financial Therapist, I am dedicated to creating space for my community to bring more awareness, understanding, and compassion to their relationship with money.

And I’m dedicated to holding that space, creating a safe container for this intimate work, and nourishing, supporting, and empowering this journey with wisdom, loving encouragement, and gentle curiosity.

This is part of the reason why the first new program I’ve offered in over a decade is a mentorship experience and not a certification program – because it is the most authentic, aligned, and impactful way that I can show up for my community right now.

My team and I have explored many possible frameworks for this mentorship program community. After extensive research and heartfelt consideration, we feel the current program structure, which is similar to a mastermind, is the best way for me to mentor professionals in the Art of Money method at this time.

In a world where most professionals do not have a safe place to do their own personal money work, the Art of Money Mentorship Program is an incubator for intentional, meaningful personal and professional growth.

This program offers a safe, supportive space to cultivate deeper awareness and understanding of your own relationship with money, empowering you with essential somatic tools to ground your journey, and the Art of Money framework you need to integrate these tools and teachings into your daily life and your work with your clients. It’s also a gathering space for professionals to connect, share ideas, and cross-pollinate expertise across fields and specialties.

From our experience, doing your own personal money work and incorporating the Art of Money practices into your life and your work will make you a better practitioner in your field. When clients feel safe with you, when you offer impactful work that includes support and tools that other practitioners don’t have experience with, your clients will spread the word. And we know that word of mouth travels.

In this mentorship program, we are studying, exploring, and learning to implement all the Art of Money tools and practices. I am very open to you bringing these tools and teachings to your clients, group coaching, or workshops with proper attribution. (We clarify this more in our FAQ section of the Mentor page.)

Please keep in mind that this is not a certification program where you are learning my 3-phase methodology and can duplicate and facilitate Art of Money groups or workshops. We would be charging a much higher price point, and the program would demand a much longer time commitment if we were certifying folks in the Art of Money methodology. That level of training would also require more prerequisite skills and training, and a lot more legal hoops to jump through, which would make it less accessible. That kind of container does not fit with the offering or impact that I want to share at this time.

So, as we begin this new chapter, we are keeping the mentorship program simple and more like a mastermind. We are beyond thrilled to offer this mentoring program in addition to the foundational year-long Art of Money program (for lay folks) which we have now been offering for 10 years.

While we have spent countless, heartfelt hours designing a clear framework, this mentorship program is a new offering, so we will be leaving space to check and adjust along the way, fine-tuning as we go to make it an incredible experience for all who join.

Want to know more about this mentorship opportunity? Click here to learn more about the program and get the answers you need to decide if the Art of Money Mentorship Program is right for you.

The community has been asking for an opportunity like the Art of Money Mentorship Program for years, and it’s finally time to embark on this journey together. The Founding Members will begin this mentorship experience on June 1. That’s only 13 days away!

Registration will be closing on Sunday, May 22nd, 2022 as we prepare to begin a new chapter together.

This is a gentle reminder that if you’re feeling called to go deeper here, we would love to have you. The adventure is about to begin and, if you want to be a part of it, I genuinely don’t want you to miss your chance. I would be so honored to welcome you as a Founding Member of the Art of Money Mentorship Program.

Click here to claim your spot and commit to growing through this work together.

This program is an offering of wisdom, guidance, and support, but also an opportunity to connect with each other, to cross-pollinate ideas and expertise, to become a community of collaborators as we change the way that we think, feel, and engage with money in our lives, and watch the impact ripple out into the world.

And if you’re ready for that?

I’m so excited to write this new beginning with you.

P.S. Still have questions about the mentorship? Read our FAQ here.

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