How do you navigate the psychology of money with your clients?

written by Bari Tessler May 19, 2022

Dear Therapists, Coaches, and Financial Professionals,

Not talking about money doesn’t change the fact that it impacts every part of our lives.

I’m not talking about wealth or financial abundance.

I mean the side of money we don’t talk about: the emotional and psychological side of money that influence our relationships, shape our choices, and inform the way we perceive the world around us.

Not talking about money just ensures that we don’t have the skills we need to navigate difficult money conversations.

Not talking about money just means that we don’t have the language needed to talk through challenging money emotions or the internal narratives that we carry about survival, success, community, and the value of our work.

Even therapists, coaches, and financial professionals – the people we turn to for wisdom, and guidance when we’re moving through a big life transition – aren’t taught how to work with the emotional side of money.

This is the gap between your traditional training and your real-life work that leaves you unprepared to offer meaningful support to your clients as they navigate financial issues and money challenges in their own lives.

You know that if you want to offer your clients the tools, resources, and support they need to work with their money stories and emotions, you need to do your own money work first.

Because if you want to expand your capacity to hold space for your clients, you need space to unpack your own internal biases and assumptions about money first.

If you want to help your clients bring more awareness to challenging money emotions, you need a safe container to bring mindful compassion and gentle curiosity to your own money story and emotions.

And if you want to expand your toolbox and set yourself apart in your field, you need to learn how to talk about money and how to integrate these teachings into your life and your work.

This is why I created the Art of Money Mentorship Program.

I created it so that therapists, coaches, and financial professionals could finally have a safe and supportive community to explore the intersection of financial literacy and emotional literacy and dive deeper into this money work.

This is how we close the gap: by coming together to cultivate awareness, to share knowledge, and to reimagine what it means to have a healthy relationship with money.

We close the gap by coming together to do this work, to show up for our clients, and to be present for ourselves.

“I hold the belief that in order to do my best work to support my clients, I also need to be doing my own money work.

For this very reason, a number of years ago, I joined the Art of Money program – and more recently have done some 1:1 financial therapy work with Bari. The Art of Money framework and approach provide something to each of us – no matter where we are at in our own journey with money.

Bari has given me language and understanding to help me better navigate my own relationship with money. I also bring what I’ve learned and insights I’ve gained into how I work with my own clients.” – Carrie B. Van Winkle, CFP®, CEFT® SOCIALLY RESPONSIVE INVESTMENT ADVISOR

This mentorship program experience is designed to not only transform your relationship with money.

It’s designed to also transform your professional practice.

How? By empowering your clients with the tools and teachings that they need to revolutionize their relationship with money.

If you’re ready to close the gap between your traditional training and your real-life work…

Click here to reserve your seat and finally get the money training you needed all along.

Together we can close the gap and start a new conversation about money – one that heals, uplifts, and inspires.

I’ll meet you there in the space where all this will happen.

P.S. We close registration for The Art of Money Mentorship this Sunday at midnight.

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