The Missing Piece In Your Professional Training.

written by Bari Tessler August 21, 2023

Hello, my dear colleague,

Money brings up so many emotions, right?

But you already knew that.

Every day you see your client’s emotions around money shape their relationships, their beliefs about money, and the life decisions they make.

In fact, studies have shown that 90% of money decisions are based on our emotions.

You see it in your own life, too.

You see it in moments like your intimate partner’s somewhat hidden spending and justification of purchases.

Or in the kaleidoscope of butterflies that flutter through your stomach every time you think about investing money to grow your business.

Or when even your most outgoing, abundantly resourced client gets quiet and fidgety whenever the topic of money comes up.

I see it too.

In the 22 years of helping over 5,000 people with their money challenges, one thing has become abundantly clear:

Very few people get a holistic financial education that includes the psychological and emotional side of money.

That is just plain crazy to me.

And here’s the thing: the psychological side of financial skills is essential to the work you do with your clients.

That’s why a big focus of the Art of Money Mentor program is about using tools from somatic psychology to help your clients learn to navigate all their money emotions.

From shame to anger to fear to excitement to joy and everything in between.

You’ll learn how to recognize how each emotion feels in your body, and more importantly, how to stay grounded and make better money decisions, rather than letting the emotions make the decisions for you.

You’ll learn a process to go back in time and unearth the unconscious beliefs about money you inherited from your family, and release those that no longer serve you.

And you’ll learn how to bring compassion and understanding in how you talk about money with others, and you’ll see first hand how to help your clients do the same.

The truth is, if your work involves helping clients in a space where money issues arise, the help you give them will be far more effective if you know how to handle the psychological and emotional side of money.

And to help your clients do that, you first need to be able to do it yourself.

And that, right there, is why I created The Art of Money Mentor Program.

We’re about to start a new round of the program, and I’d be so happy to help guide you through the journey.

All the best,

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