Closing the money gap between your training and your practice

written by Bari Tessler January 16, 2023

Dear therapist, coach, or financial professional,

Every day you go to work, showing up for your clients, holding space for their wants, needs, and desires, helping them navigate the small steps and big choices in their lives, in this moment, or in the big picture vision of the future ahead…

So, when your private therapy client dissolves into tears over a recent fight about money with their partner, you focus on different ways they could communicate better and create more space to honor and celebrate their differences. (Because, unfortunately, you know you don’t have the tools to dive into the psychology of money and relationships.)

Or maybe you’re meeting with a new client, discussing the estate planning process when they start to become visibly anxious and overwhelmed. For all the expertise you bring to helping people craft their financial legacy, you were never taught how to navigate the big money emotions like grief and fear that come up along the way. (This is a painfully common occurrence in your line of work, but you don’t have the words or the training to offer more meaningful support.)

Or perhaps you’re in a meeting with a financial coaching client who’s hitting their stride in their business and really making a mark on their industry. However, despite record sales growth, they’re still paying themselves as if the business were barely making ends meet. No matter how you crunch the numbers, you can’t convince them that it’s safe and reasonable to do otherwise. (And you don’t have the skills or the knowledge to help them unpack their money emotions around work, survival, and success.)

You’re their expert guide on your journey together. Your clients expect you to show them how to find their way, to know how to talk about money, and how to work with money…and you feel guilty acknowledging that you don’t have the answers they need.

You simply don’t have the training or resources to help them navigate the emotions and psychology of money.

How can you possibly help your clients honor and understand their money emotions when you never learned how to work with your own?

There’s an unfortunate knowledge gap here (which is 100% not your fault).

The gap leaves you unprepared to offer genuine, meaningful support to your clients as they navigate financial issues and money challenges in their lives.

And it leaves you without the tools, resources, or understanding that you need to create an authentic, healthy, and sustainable relationship with money in your own life.

You want a safe space to do your own money work so that you can learn to bring more compassion and understanding to your own relationship with money.

You know that when you do that, the effects will ripple outwards into your life, your relationships, and your personal practice.

You need a safe space to do your own money work, to unpack your own stories and emotions about money, without fear of judgment, or being shamed, or feeling like you should “know better” because of your profession.

You deserve a safe space to do your own money work.

Which is why I created one for you.

The Art of Money Mentorship Program is the safe space, the learning journey, and the community you’ve needed all along.

This four-month-long, collaborative group offering will break traditional boundaries, bringing therapists, coaches, and financial professionals together in the same container to share stories and support each other in the deepening of this work.

Many of you have been asking me for years to do a deeper training into this work.

It’s finally time.

The Art of Money Mentorship Program is an incubator for intentional, meaningful personal and professional growth.

It offers a safe, supportive space to cultivate deeper awareness and understanding of your own relationship with money, empowering you with essential somatic tools to ground your journey.

The Mentorship Program gives you the framework you need to integrate these tools and teachings into your daily life, your business, and in your work with your clients.

These three pillars are the fundamental goals of The Art of Money Mentorship Program:

1: Creating a safe space for you to do your own personal money work.

2: Teaching you practical and emotional money tools to bring to your own clients.

3: Building a more solid and sustainable foundation for you and your business.

Rooted in the three-phases of my Art of Money Methodology – Money Healing, Money Practices, and Money Maps – this program Integrates all of my training and background in Somatic Therapy, plus the lessons I’ve learned over two decades of teaching Financial Therapy, giving hundreds of financial therapy sessions, and running a business for 21 years.

Through this compassionate and comprehensive framework, we’ll explore the intersection of financial literacy and emotional literacy together – and then we’ll integrate that understanding into your life, your work with clients, and the way you build your business.

No one has ever done money work quite like this before.

This is your invitation to go deeper in your money journey.

This is your invitation to do the work and witness the authenticity, heartfelt intention, and compassionate awareness ripple outwards to transform not only your own money life, or your own professional practice, but also that of your clients, and the people you love.

I can’t wait to share this experience with you.

Warm wishes,

P.S. Check out what one of our founding Mentor Program members had to say:

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