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written by Bari Tessler January 8, 2019
Art of Money - Money Memoirs

Dear Community,

Drumroll, please … (with happy dances and some celebratory chocolate!) …

Money Memoirs are coming back … in just a few days!

Oooooh, get ready. If you’ve been around awhile, you know how good these are … and if you’re new to the community (hi!!), you’re in for a totally different kind of treat.

Hear real, raw money stories. The kind we usually don’t even have with close friends.

In this unconventional conversation series, I sit down with brave people from all walks of life and ask them intimate questions about money: what they learned about it growing up, their biggest struggles and triumphs, what their growing edges are, and much more.

Intimate. Heartfelt. Often hilarious. Utterly unusual.

I love breaking this taboo and talking about money!

You’ll hear from a few money experts — but mostly, this is real talk with real people, from different backgrounds, who’ve done their own money work.

Hearing people get honest about money … is surprisingly powerful.

Suddenly, we feel less alone. We get inspired. We heal and forgive and have compassion for others more (or less) fortunate than ourselves.

This year, you’ll hear from 9 incredible folks.

I’m so grateful for their courage and vulnerability. They each inspired me and opened my heart in their own ways, so I can’t wait for you to hear their stories!

~ Vicki Robin: It was such an honor for me to interview Vicki, author of the groundbreaking Your Money or Your Life and one of the pioneering matriarchs of conscious money work. She speaks eloquently to the micro and macro sides of money: hear how her work inspired me, how she lived on $5K/year, her take on money now, and why her work’s speaking to young people more than ever.

~ Keisha Shields: Keisha has done her money work, and it shows! Hear how she’s letting go of the money messages she learned as a black woman in the Deep South, how she “chutzpah’ed” her way into earning $90K at 19 (as a full-time student!), specific ways she’s recovering from burnout, and the money lessons facing her high-earning luxury branding clients.

~ Racheal Baxter Cook: Creative entrepreneurs, parents, and couples — you’ll love this one. This former “yogipreneur” is an award-winning business strategist. We talk profit models, bootstrapping, the importance of setting proper expectations … and how she and her husband do money together (I loved hearing how different it is from what Forest and I do — it’s all about finding what works!).

~ Alethea Cheng Fitzpatrick: I know so many of you are grappling with the themes Alethea and I discussed: how to balance career and motherhood, finding our value beyond “earning,” and teaching our kids better money mindsets. She also shares the financial gifts and challenges of growing up as a British-born daughter of Chinese immigrants and then moving to Brooklyn. Her 3 new “money mantras” are powerful for us all.

~ Patricia Escorihuela: Here’s a living, blooming example of what’s possible through this work! Patricia’s a vibrant woman currently splitting her time between the US and Mexico. We discuss what’s changed over her 10-year money journey: what she learned about money from her controlling, Spanish-Mexican father and over-giving Colombian mother, how she’s claiming her value, letting go of shame, and embracing the beauty of our own pacing and “little sips.”

~ Rebecca McLoughlin: Growing up in a wealthy family has its own set of challenges and pain points, and Rebecca articulates these so beautifully and openly. Plus, hear the stages of her money journey and how she relates to her “inner teenager,” especially when she shows up at the Apple Store (so helpful!).

~ Kate Swoboda: Kate’s a well-known, successful coach and entrepreneur, and in this no-holds-barred, incredibly intimate conversation, she gets SO real about growing up poor: the challenges and incredible gifts. She talks about her fire to fight, the personal Money Healing Ritual she concocted, and how her money work has shifted and evolved as she’s grown her business.

~ Maketa Born: He’s a successful consultant now, but you’ll hear what happened when Maketa’s first business failed (and the HUGE nugget o’ wisdom he mined from that); how he and his wife shifted from money avoidance and shame to a “tasty cocktail” of gratitude, trust, and honesty; and how growing up in a middle class African American family impacted his Money Story.

~ Bernadette Anat: This Millennial is savvy, hilarious, and super-practical. Hear what money messages Bernadette learned from her Filipino family in California, how she got into debt and then paid off $50,000 of debt using her “magical” Google doc, as outlined in her viral YouTube video, “Felicia’s Wallet” … and how this allowed her to travel around the world for the last year!

What to do now:

Hang tight! The first Money Memoir is coming your way on Sunday, January 13th. It’ll land right in your inbox. Free. Full of love.

I can’t wait to introduce you to these wonderful folks … and share their stories, grit, courage, and wisdom with you.

P.S. Oh yes, oh yes … The Art of Money 2019 opens for registration on Sunday, January 13th!

Art of Money 2019

The Money Memoir Series is, in part, to celebrate the opening of my flagship program, The Art of Money.

Because these are the real, intimate, emotional, practical, soulful, transformative money conversations we have every year in The Art of Money. If you love ‘em and want to learn how to feel more confident and peaceful with your OWN money relationship in 2019, it might be your moment to join our global community.

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