A delectable mishmosh of book-y goodness for you!

written by Bari Tessler June 10, 2016
A delectable mishmosh of book-y goodness for you!

Dear Community,

It’s that moment juuuust before the kiss, your belly all a-flutter.

That heart-pounding drumroll, so insanely joyful you can’t stand it.

The pregnant glow: so sweetly, soulfully lustrous.

Sometimes, the moment right before something amazing? Is stupendously wonderful, all on its own.

In 7 short days, The Art of Money book officially hits the shelves! (Click here to pre-order your copy.)

Art of Money Book

We’re teaching him good money tools early! Here’s my sweet son Noah, reading a galley copy of my book. We’re actually teaching him to read for 30 minutes and then get electronics for 30 minutes. He picked out this book first because they are everywhere in the house! (He already knows that “the elephant in the room” is money!)

This final drumroll is truly exquisite: chock-full of great stuff for you to enjoy!

Because … I’m not the only one excited outta my gourd for this book. There’s been an outpouring of goodies for you from my wonderful, generous, creative community:

Street Team Love!

Awhile back, I asked my dear community if anyone would be excited to help share the word about my upcoming Art of Money book … and over 150 people raised their hands and said, “heck yes!”

Here’s some of the incredible videos, stories, reflections, big takeaways, and love they sent our way after reading advance copies of the book.

Transforming debt into roses with Kate Ditzler

I adore this! In 2 minutes, Kate shares how the book inspired her to transform her debt from something heavy and shameful into a creative, life-affirming practice of gratitude. (Wait ‘till you see her lovely artwork!)

From money angst to compassion with Renee Wade

What do you do when you only have $100 in your bank account? You’ve got a choice.


Beyond Self-Help Techniques with Michelle Wolff

In this quickie audio, Michelle shares why simply knowing the “nuts ‘n bolts” techniques of money never worked for her — and what makes The Art of Money so different and effective.


Michelle also did an amazing, hour-long Periscope chat/video review of The Art of Money, which you can check out right here.

From chore to sacred ritual with Annie Schuessler

In this micro-video, Annie describes the significant change her money practice has undergone thanks to Bari’s work.

Pain-free earning?? With Sally Poulsen

“The Art of Money already has me digging deep into my money patterns. Most shocking to me was that by examining my money story, I realized that I have spent my entire life believing that there is no painless way to earn money, that earning was inherently a transaction of giving up your power for a paycheque. This has led to years of burnout, misery, and a tendency to rush through every assignment and job because the idea of being myself and working were antithetical. For the first time ever, I’m slowing down and really being present for my work and it’s incredible. The wildest part? I’m only on CHAPTER FOUR. Thank you so much, Bari!

Fave book quotes from Vanessa Teklenburg

“I’ve only just started reading The Art of Money, but here are some stand-out quotes that I’d like to share with you:

Many of us grow up learning that, when it comes to money, thou shalt keep thy head firmly in the sand. See no money. Hear no money. Speak no money.

… how painful it was to have no idea how I could create a comfortable, sustainable living and do deeply meaningful and creative work.

Learning the language of money is crazy-empowering.

(Shame) is a universal human experience, able to cut us all to the quick, whether we’re six or ninety-six.

One of the heaviest pieces of money shame I carried was the belief that I shouldn’t try (or even want) to earn a comfortable income: that would be too materialistic, shallow, and un-spiritual.

Many of us have mindfulness practices in other areas of life – on the yoga mat, in conversation with our sweetie, or while eating – yet neglect to bring this same awareness to money.


Interviews + Reviews +Fresh Articles, Oh My!

“Can an old dog learn new tricks? Or, how I learned another life-lesson from my daughter.”

When her daughter (my co-writer) started talking about my work, Sue was completely turned off: “I feared that she fallen under the spell of some get-rich-quick evangelist.” Here’s the delightful and intimate story of how she came back around … and what’s changed for her, since.

Get over your money roadblocks with The Gen Why Lawyer (Podcast Interview)

I talk with Nicole about whether Millennials “do” money differently, how to claim your value, common financial roadblocks, how to figure out what to charge for your services, when you know you need a financial support team, and much more.

Your Mind on Your Money: Talking Shop with Theresa Reed + Brianna Saussey

Are your “money stories” playing out in your business? I talk with these lovely ladies about sustainable business models, when work-trade works (and doesn’t), money ceilings, and much more.


Want to get the book in your paws ASAP?

The Art of Money: A Life-Changing Guide to Financial Happiness is available for pre-order now! Click here to pre-order your copy from your favorite retailer … and join in this glorious drumroll!


With a huge grin … and so many joyful heart-flutters,



P.S. Did you hear? I’m hitting the road to share more book-y goodness with you, LIVE! Click here for all the info about my book tour. The first date is right around the corner…!

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