It’s official! The Art of Money Mentorship
Program is OPEN for registration

written by Bari Tessler March 5, 2024

Hello, my dear colleague.

I’m absolutely delighted to announce that the Art of Money Mentor Program is open for registration!

In a nutshell, the Art of Money Mentorship Program is a place for financial planners, therapists, and bookkeepers (or anyone who works with clients where money issues come up), to get direct mentoring from me and our guest mentors.

It’s a brave, supportive place for you to experience three things:

1) Personal growth. Find yourself in a safe, private space with me, peers like you, and guest mentors. You can let your guard down here. Seriously. Dive into your own money stories, get live support from me, receive and give support to your fellow program members, and remove the things standing between you and a new, healthier relationship with money.

2) Skill growth. Through stories and live, mini financial therapy moments, you’ll learn how to use the money tools from my Art of Money methodology in the exact kind of situations that come up with your clients.

3) Business growth. We’ll workshop pricing, new services and business models to help you grow your practice into a more sustainable endeavor. And you’ll get to cross pollinate with other wonderful professionals that can provide essential camaraderie inside and outside the program.

“I just loved being in Bari Tessler’s presence. Her knowledge is so deep and her compassion limitless. The Art of Money Mentor Program helped me bridge the gap between my comfort and fluidity with the quantitative aspect of financial planning, with my clients’ need for compassion as they unearth the various emotional traumas around their money.” – Jamie Ehrenthal, Certified Financial Planner

The Art of Money Mentorship Experience

The Art of Money Mentorship Program is a 4-month, intimate journey designed to help you develop your business into one that’s known for its extra ability to help clients with their money psychology.

We use the fertile ground of your own relationship to money, both in your personal and professional life, as a place to plant the seeds of a mindful money practice.

From there, you’ll learn to take the fruits of your money work into client interactions, where you’ll help them develop a healthier, conscious relationship with money.

What it Looks Like

The Mentorship Program includes:

  • 16 weekly, live video mentor calls. This is where the magic happens. Get live guidance and support from me and the guest mentors.
  • Guest video mentor calls. Get training and support from colleagues of mine around topics like somatic trauma work, pricing, visibility, and how to bring financial therapy practices to your client interactions.
  • Private members-only forum. A safe, welcoming space to explore ideas, ask questions, and connect with a support network of your peers.
  • Art of Money Mentor Guides. Experienced Art of Money alumni with their own client based businesses help moderate the community both in the forum and privately behind the scenes.
  • Complete Access to the Art of Money course. Get immediate access to my flagship, year-long money school, The Art of Money. You’ll have lifetime access to the 12 monthly financial therapy modules in one convenient portal.

“Over the 15 years that I’ve been in business, I’ve invested a lot of money. Like so much money. The Mentor Program has been, by far, the singular best investment in all those years through everything I’ve done. This program, and Bari, brought that to me, and it’s changed everything about how I go forward. “ – Joanne Grobbelaar, Consulting | Facilitating | Coaching

Before I end for today, a quick head’s up about The Art of Money Mentor Program: It officially starts on March 21st, and registration ends in a week.

You can find all the program details and dates of our weekly calls right here.

If this lights a spark in your heart, I can’t wait to welcome you to this community of your peers for the adventure ahead.

With my dearest wishes,

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