Could Knowing Your ‘Money Script’ Help Your Finances?

written by Bari Tessler November 11, 2020

Today, I wanted to share an article that I’m featured in on The Cut! I’m quoted 6x which I gotta say I love having journalists that really understand my Financial Therapy work.

It’s a wonderful piece that explains how clarifying your money stories can help you shift negative patterns in your financial life and enhance the healthy patterns.

Could Knowing Your ‘Money Script’ Help Your Finances.

“One thing I hate about most money advice is that it tells you what you should be doing, as if you didn’t already know. Most of us are aware that we need to spend less, save more, and plan better (thanks for the reminder). To me, the real question is how you actually get yourself to do those things, and what’s making it so hard.

Enter “money scripts,” also known as “money stories,” a concept that has been tossed around by financial therapists for years and more recently edged into mainstream financial planning. Loosely defined, money scripts are “what you learned about money from your upbringing, how you responded or rebelled, and what your current money dynamics and patterns are,” says Bari Tessler, a financial therapist and author of The Art of Money.

To be clear, teasing out your money script won’t solve your financial problems, especially ones that are out of your control (which, at this particular moment, may be a lot of them!). But the process of self-examination will help you notice your behaviors, look at what’s behind them, and — theoretically — recognize and change the ones that aren’t working. As Tessler puts it: “Awareness leads to understanding, and that allows us to dismantle and replace the habits we don’t like.”

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Could Knowing Your ‘Money Script’ Help Your Finances?

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