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written by Bari Tessler January 8, 2018

Dear Community,

The final countdown is on … to something you’re gonna LOVE.

Something raw. Intimate. Hilarious and heartfelt. Edgy and so uplifting.

8 somethings, to be exact.

The Money Memoirs Series is back … starting next week!

What it is:

Money Memoirs is my unconventional (to put it mildly!) conversation mini-series. I sit down with real people who get honest, pull back the curtain, and bare all about their money stories.

I first created this potent series 4 years ago, and it’s been a community fave ever since.

Why you’ll love it:

When people get honest and tell their truth about money, amazing healing happens. You realize: I’m not alone. Other people got through this. Here’s how.

Or, you hear what it’s really like for people who had a totally different money background than you … and your heart opens.

But money is the ultimate taboo. Most people — even close friends — shy away from talking about it.

That’s why this series is so unusual — and so important.

This year’s miniseries showcases stories from eight incredibly courageous people.


Listen in and learn why I’m inspired by each one of them:

~ Bernadette Anat: Savvy, hilarious, and super-practical. This Millennial paid off $50,000 of debt using her “magical” Google doc, as outlined in her viral YouTube video, “Felicia’s Wallet.” How Berna said “Bye Felicia” to $50K of debt. 

~ Theresa “The Tarot Lady” Reed: Learn how Theresa balances the spiritual side of money with her no-nonsense, totally practical work ethic and money savvy. You’ll love how she has integrated integrity, stability, and freedom into her money relationship.

~ Ricardo McRae: Such a sweet papa, Ricardo has overcome immense hardship with dignity and smarts. Hear how he grew up with money and how his parents’ divorce changed things … and how he went from living on welfare checks to becoming a financial planner. I love how he’s learned to forgive and thoughtfully consider what money legacy he’s passing on.

~ Tara-Nicholle Nelson: This Business Insider-lauded entrepreneur and “sexiest grandma alive” opens up about how the market crash and her divorce impacted her finances and helped her shift into a career she loves but never could have imagined. Hear the inspiring story of how she recovered from a huge financial challenge and has come out the other side thriving.

~ Jayson Gaddis: Founder of “The Relationship School,” Jayson shares what it was like growing up with money, how he financially rebelled, his money “wakeup call,” and how money shows up in couples’ relationships (including his marriage).

~ Danielle Cohen: Oh, my sweet friend and personal photographer, Danielle has gone through an immense money initiation that taught her courage, wisdom, and much more. You’ll just have to listen to this one, as words won’t do it justice.

~ Sonya Brewer: Sonya’s a body-centered psychotherapist “on fire” to support financial intimacy in relationships — including her own. Sonya grew up “deeply poor” and survived divorce, bankruptcy, and grad school. Through beautiful, deep inner and outer work, she’s now in a loving partnership and recently bought and renovated a home.

~ Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin: A special replay from last year because it was SO GOOD! This is the inspiring story of a high earner learning why she wasn’t saving money and how she eventually learned to direct her money to reflect and embody her values.

What to do now:

Hang tight! The first Money Memoir is coming your way on Sunday, January 14th. It’ll land right in your inbox. Free. Full of love.

It was a delight to interview these folks about their money stories, and I’m so honored by how vulnerable and courageous they got.

I know these stories will bring you bucketloads of inspiration, peace, and can-do courage to your own money relationship.

Here’s to bringing money out of the shadows and into the light in 2018.

We’re doing it … together!

More soon, 

P.S. It’s my hope that this free Money Memoir Series will show you how to create a little more peace, clarity, and even JOY in your money relationship.

If you love these conversations and want to go even further in 2018, you’ll be able to join my year-long money school: The Art of Money 2018.

That’s right! My flagship program will open for registration on Sunday, January 14th. The Money Memoir Series will give you a great taste of the kinds of things we talk about in it: from emotional healing to practical To Do’s to grand visioning.

Want a sneak peek of The Art of Money 2018? Feast your eyes …

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