What clients are saying about my trauma-informed approach to money

written by Bari Tessler January 18, 2023

Dear Coach, Therapist, or Financial Professional,

When we dare to speak the truth about money, amazing healing begins.

When we learn to be present with our money emotions, to bring compassion and awareness to our money stories, we begin a transformation that unravels the money patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us and creates a new world of hope, possibility, and understanding.

Out of this truth and a heartfelt desire to serve my community, my flagship program, the Art of Money, was born twenty-one years ago.

These same powerful truths and the profound need for this training led me to create the Art of Money Mentor Program to offer a safe space for therapists, coaches, and financial professionals to embark on this journey of personal and professional growth.

Because you know that money is an emotional subject, but you never learned how to work with your own money emotions, never mind how to help your clients navigate theirs.

Here’s what several founding members of the AOM Mentor Program had to say about their experiences with these things in the program:

“I signed up for the AOM Mentor Program for two reasons and was blown away in both of those areas.

First, I wanted to work on any money issues I have that might be affecting my life, my business, and how I serve my audience. Within the first two live sessions, I immediately uncovered two money stories that I hadn’t already recognized in my previous money work. Bari’s work also introduced me to the somatic pieces that I had been missing. I can be too cerebral and, therefore, can attract an audience with the same struggles.

Second, I wanted to become a better practitioner by learning more about how to support my own clients about money, yes, but also about other sensitive areas that are relevant to my specific work. Bari did not disappoint. I appreciated watching Bari hold space for us and I watched her leadership style closely.

Every now and then you get to see a master at work and this was one of those opportunities. I watched the authenticity with which she uses her methods in her own work and how she leads with her values, while respecting those of her clients. I watched how she balances being gentle with pushing, when being gentle was all that someone could handle or when a push was what someone needed. She understands when to invite, when to direct, and when to leave it alone. I watched her be a smart leader in a room full of smart leaders, the quintessential coach’s coach. I will take ALL of this with me into my own practice and program design.” – Cori Willis, Attorney & Business Coach

Money influences every part of our lives, from the choices we make to our relationships, our work, and the way we show up in the world.

It’s been amazing for me to work with Bari over the last decade.

Personally, being able to do this work in the Art of Money community helped transform the crippling anxiety, shame and fear that I sometimes felt when making money decisions. I’ve gone from chronically underearning to confidently earning a solid living with ease. My debt has come down, my credit has improved. The biggest gift has been feeling less anxious about money–even with big changes afoot like having a child and getting divorced. Overall, I feel way more grounded and confident about my ability to take care of myself and my family financially. And, I have a solid money practice that I lean on to this day.

From the perspective of a therapist and a coach, The Art of Money method has deeply informed the way I hold my own clients when it comes to money. Bari’s modeling has also deeply informed how I have set up my own business, how I do marketing and how I think about my fees.

Additionally, Bari’s work is fundamentally trauma-informed money work and she has been doing “trauma-informed” way before it became popular. Back when I started with her, nobody was really saying that and yet that’s exactly what Bari was doing, honoring the pace of the body going really slow and having a non-shaming approach.

I really do not have enough words to tell you how grateful I am for you and this powerful, gentle, depthful approach to money work. I’m ecstatic that she’s now offering this mentorship program for other folks who want to learn financial therapy. I just can’t imagine a better teacher.” – Sonya Brewer, Somatic Therapist

Because you deserve to be seen, celebrated, and encouraged in your own money journey.

Coaches, therapists, and financial professionals have always been part of my programs, even when I was teaching my very first group financial therapy sessions in my living room almost twenty years ago.

Now we finally have a place to call our own.

The Art of Money Mentorship Program is the safe space, supportive community, and comprehensive, compassionate money training that you have been asking me for.

This is my offering for you.

The mentor program will run from February 1st – April 30th.

This is your invitation to begin a new chapter in your money journey and watch the healing ripple through your life, and your work, and out into the world.

Join the Art of Money Mentorship Program and start the first ripple. Let’s begin a new conversation about money together.

Let’s begin a new conversation about money together.

P.S. The mentor program will run from February 1st – April 30th. It is limited to 40 seats. Registration is open for one week and we would love to welcome you! Get your seat here.

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