Money Memoir: How this dad is creating
a better money legacy for his grandchildren.

written by Bari Tessler January 21, 2018

What if you could talk to real people about money? We ALL have money stories to share. Tough times and how we overcame them. Hard-won wisdom. Inspiration and soulful insights. In this intimate conversation series, I talk to real people about real money stuff. Curl up with a cuppa as we pull back the curtain. Because when we dare to speak the truth about money … amazing healing begins.


Creating your money legacy: How this sweet papa is passing on grit + forgiveness.


Many people have challenging childhoods. Around money … and so many other factors.

So why is it that some are able to take the good, leave the bad, and transform themselves into adults that shine like lighthouses of compassion and strength?

This question often comes up in my year-long money school, The Art of Money.

You see, we all were raised with our own, unique set of beliefs about money. In childhood, we absorb our parents’ emotions and beliefs about money (like little sponges). We take on belief systems and emotional reactions, gifts and blindspots and on and on.

Sometimes, these beliefs are blatant: we can clearly see how we’re living them out, in our lives.

Most of the time, these money beliefs are operating just beneath the surface. Creating an ever-present anxiety about enoughness, for example, or the belief that you don’t really deserve to have everything you want.

Of course, not everything we absorb is bad! We can also receive amazing gifts from our upbringing. Perhaps your childhood taught you the value of generosity or a strong work ethic.

Good, bad, and neutral, it can take some skillful emotional digging to uncover the beliefs running our money show … and sift through them, deciding which we want to keep.

When we make the unconscious conscious … we can truly become the captains of our own ships. We can consciously decide what financial values to embody, which to let go of, and which to cherish and pass on.

So … what does it look like when someone has done a ton of this kind of work? Would you love to hear from someone who turned himself into one of those lighthouses of compassion — and learn how he got there?

In today’s Money Memoir, you’ll hear Ricardo McRae share how he overcame severe hardship … and emerged with dignity and an open heart.

In this intimate conversation, we discuss:

  • How he went from running away from money to becoming a Financial Planner
  • The self-sufficiency and pride his challenging past taught him
  • How he released the money belief that had kept him earning but not saving
  • The “magic words” a friend told him at one of his lowest financial moments
  • The hard-knock-life skills he’s trying to pass on to his son — without the pain of deprivation.

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You’ll hear Ricardo talk about hard things he’s faced, but from a place of forgiveness, grace, and strength.

This is what is possible when we open our hearts and do the work.

About Ricardo

Ricardo McRae is committed to creativity and commerce working together. Today, he’s bringing creativity to life as the Host of The Framing Podcast on iTunes, and helping families across Canada as a licensed Financial Advisor. Prior his most recent endeavors, Ricardo was the Creative Director of a boutique consultancy, Wedge15 and the Creator of BlackInCanada – Canada’s leading source of Black Excellence reaching over 1 M people in 100 countries with 30K+ fans and followers. He studied Fine Arts and Business at the University of Windsor and the Ontario College of Art and Design before acquiring his Project Management designation and becoming an award-winning entrepreneur and TEDx speaker. Find out more about Ricardo at

Are you ready to let go of the money patterns that have been holding you back?

If so, please remember: you can make this journey one of self-love, not self-shaming.

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