{Joyful Update} Audiobook +
Certification Training + Live Keynote Talk!

written by Bari Tessler December 12, 2017

Dear Community,

I spent months scouting out trainers at my gym. I watched who their clients were, what kind of exercises they led, and how playful / serious / challenging their personalities felt.

In the end, I picked the trainer with the tattoos and good energy.

Good things happen when we arrive at decisions slowly. When we trust our process and rhythm. When we give ourselves the time we need to get to clarity. (As you’ll see … )

A few days ago, I had my second training session with my tattoed trainer. Bright and early, there I was, hanging from a bar, pulling my knees up to my chest. 3 sets of 12. It’s some serious ab work and new territory for me. But it feels good. It’s a gift I’m giving myself as I head into my 49th year.

(And, yes: my trainer’s good energy makes a big difference!)

Feeling my literal core — abs and lats, muscle and sweat — somehow makes it smoother and more powerful to feel my energetic core. To tune into my deep, inner YES and NO.

So here are some fabulous YES’s and NO’s. Crystal clear and wonderful. Straight from my core.

1. I’m not doing a second book (for now).

The offer was on the table from my publisher. It was certainly tempting (and we discussed a few potent ideas for books). But I’ve experienced what it takes to write a book, now. It’s a lot.

So I’m absolutely clear: I won’t write another book unless the money, timing, and energy are all matched. And that’s simply not the case, for now.

I have two main author role models, here, giving me permission to hold off, trust my timing, and not simply write a second book because other people think it’s the right time.

First: Lynne Twist. She wrote one, incredible, classic book, The Soul of Money, which keeps giving, keeps selling, and keeps feeling more and more like a classic as the years go by. She recently wrote a new forward for the new edition, but she hasn’t written another book simply for the sake of writing another book. I so respect this path!

Role model #2 is Esther Perel. She waited a decade between her first and second books. And she gave herself three full years of research with couples to inform and shape her second book. I like this path a lot, too!

I am so proud of my book, The Art of Money. It’s truly the book I wanted to write, and I feel in my bones that it still have thousands of more people to reach. I’ll continue to follow the chocolate trail and support my book-baby in her journey.

So. For now, NO on the second book. I feel good and clear about this. And there are other, wonderful next steps filling my horizon.

2. We’re getting closer to an Art of Money AUDIOBOOK deal!

I have been asked to create this over and over … and I’ve dreamt of doing (being) the voiceover for it, myself. I simply can’t imagine anyone’s voice but my own, for this.

It’s starting to look good for an audiobook deal in 2018. Eeeee! Keep your fingers crossed!

3. Full steam ahead on The Art of Money 2018.

In January we will kick off the sixth year (!!) in this year-long teaching framework. (That’s 16+ years total teaching my money work, if you’re keeping count.) We had a wonderful earlybird registration period last month and welcomed brand-new folks and veteran students to this community.

In January 2018, registration for The Art of Money will re-open for a short time. We’ll celebrate with the beautiful and powerful Money Memoir interview series. (Oh, I can’t wait to share these with you!)

4. Let the Art of Money Certification research begin!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked to offer an Art of Money Certification program. I’ve always said “no” or “not yet.” But since I won’t be writing a second book in 2018, I’ll finally have the time for some deep visioning on this.

YES: I will be taking a full year to research, vision, and answer all of my questions in the most thorough way possible:

Who has done this sort of certification/training before? What path would work best for me, my methodology, my personality, my community, and my business model? What do people want from me? (I envision interviewing community members who are asking for this from me.) Can I design this training to match my skill set, have fun, and make sure my family and health are still priorities? Who is the team? What are the legal details, and what happens with my intellectual property? What is the price point? And on and on.

I’m going to take my full 49th year (2018) to research the hell out of all of this. And if I get a clear YES, then I will move into my 50th year, starting January 3rd, 2019, and open up my first Art of Money certification training program.

As my dear coach, Tanya Geisler, says: This is LEGACY stuff right here.

5. {BIG NEWS} I will be a LIVE keynote speaker at the Gaia Women Lead event next year!

OK, so is this a coincidence … or divine flow?

Within thirty minutes of posting the previous announcements on Facebook, I was invited to be the opening keynote speaker at the Gaia Women Lead conference next year.

I am so excited to say YES to this! Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin is a dear, dear colleague and I’m honored and delighted to be a part of this event.

So if you want to meet me live, consider joining the Gaia Women Lead event in Santa Barbara, May 2 – 4! It’s going to be an incredible event.

I can’t help but think that standing in my vision and clarity — affirming my clear YES’s and NO’s — cleared the way for this powerful, beautiful invitation.

My wisdom here …

Trust your pacing.
Stay on your path.
Trust and accept.
Know that good things are coming.
It will all happen in the perfect timing for you.
Sanity, surrender, and wisdom.
Stand in the strength of your core clarity.

With my dearest wishes,

P.S. If gift-giving is part of your holiday tradition, you might love to share my book.

It’s warm, inspiring, and might be just perfect for the mindful, creative, entrepreneurial, soulful, growth-oriented folks on your list. (Plus it’s won a ton of awards and boasts a 90% 5-star rating on Amazon. I’m so grateful!)

Bari Tessler adds an exciting, important voice to the money conversation. She beckons us to begin a healing journey into more mindfulness, peace, and joy around money that will reach into every aspect of life. At once spiritual and practical, this is the education we’ve been waiting for.” — Lynne Twist, Author of The Soul of Money

Click here to grab a copy (or several!) on Amazon.

You can also order copies directly from my publisher, Parallax Press, at Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, or buy in-person at your fave local bookstore.

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