4 Money Convos I Can’t Wait to Share. (Plus: Insta-Goodness!)

written by Bari Tessler May 13, 2016

Hi there!

Has this ever happened to you?

You think you know a topic, inside-and-out.

(Maybe it’s the intricate art of baking sourdough bread. Or the esoteric secrets of fly fishing. Or fan theories about Game of Thrones — believe me, my husband is obsessed)

But then, you start chatting about it with a smart friend … and before you know it, new facets and golden nuggets of wisdom and insights emerge, right there in the cafe, over scones and mochas.

Sometimes, the best ideas are a co-creation with dear friends.

Four of my dear + wise friends just interviewed me … and the ideas we shared feel so big and fresh and utterly actionable, I can’t wait for you to listen in.

These conversations kick off our official countdown to June 14th: the magical day when my book, The Art of Money: A Life-Changing Guide to Financial Happiness, hits the stands!

Last week, I flew to Chicago for my first book-related event … I keep pinching myself, because this is truly a dream come true … and it’s getting real, fast!

I’m so excited to finally share this book with you and the big, wide world … and it’s conversations like these, sparked by the book, that have me most excited.

Because this money work isn’t just about me. It’s about YOU. It’s about us.

Please sit back, relax, and listen to one (or all!) of these four intimate, wise conversations. Whether you’re wondering how to grapple with your emotions about money, curious about my feminine approach to business, or aching to publish your own book, there’s a conversation here for you.



1. The Tarot Lady Podcast with Theresa Reed

So many of you know and love Theresa (me, too!!), so I was excited to sit down with her to dig into what Financial Therapy is really about.

Want a deep dive? This one’s for you.

  • We talk about:
    The steps and layers of the money healing process
  • Why it’s so important to turn within, first, as you work with money
  • EMOTIONS and money (this is key!)
  • How your childhood money memories survive into adulthood — and how to work with them.

Theresa and I laugh a lot and both share stories from our personal money journeys. Enjoy!

2. Yoga Church – Conversations with Meadow DeVor

“Money work is some of the deepest, most spiritual work we can do.”
~ Meadow DeVor

Meadow is a dear soul sister, and I’m so impressed by her honesty about her own money journey — as a spiritual woman and a creative entrepreneur.

If you want a hodgepodge, including personal money stories, the book writing process, and a short, guided money practice, this one’s for you.

Watch our delightful conversation, including:

  • Why writing brings me to my knees — and how I wrote a book, anyway.
  • The money work I had to do to get a book published: negotiating (without an agent), platforms … and how I knew I was ready.
  • Why Meadow says money work was her “first sobriety” and how she used hard-core self-discovery to pay off over $570,000 of debt in two years.
  • How I used Madonna and my body to deal with bigger-than-life emotions when I was a teenager (this planted seeds for everything I do now)
  • A live, guided Body Check-In … and how to know when this actually isn’t enough.

This was my very first interview about The Art of Money: A Life-Changing Guide to Financial Happiness, so it’s near and dear to my heart … it’s a good one!



3. Sistership Circle Podcast: The Art of Money and Financial Happiness

If you’re an entrepreneur and want the behind-the-scenes about my business model and how deep money work can support your biz, this one’s for you.

I shared a lot of my personal journey on this one, including:

  • One of the most powerful and lucrative decisions I made as an entrepreneur (this was all about rooting in my feminine power)
  • The secret behind my book deal that demonstrates the power of standing in your self-worth
  • The truth behind money shame and how to heal it (this is a biggie!)

Grab a cuppa and settle in … this chat will nourish you and your business.



4. The Secret Library Podcast with Caroline Donahue

If you’re aching to write a book, and have a gazillion questions, this one’s for you!

Caroline and I talked openly about the behind-the-scenes process of producing my book, including:

  • Why I used a co-writer and how to make this relationship work
  • The criteria and journey I followed to find the right publisher and editor
  • The whole, emotional and practical journey of bringing this book to life.

I know so many of you have BIG gifts and messages to share with the world … and, like me, have dreamed for years of putting them in book form. I hope this interview helps and inspires!

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Ready to get your mits on the book, lickety-split?

You can now pre-order the book from your favorite retailer, so it arrives at your door as soon as possible. Click here for all the details … and I hope you love it.

It’s my dearest intention that you get a ton of loving, supportive, actionable goodness — not just from the book, but from the whole joy parade leading up to its publication.

Thanks so much for your support and enthusiasm … and for being a part of this conversation, with me.


Bari Sig

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