Money Mochas Recap…

written by Bari Tessler October 26, 2017

Money Mochas are short, sweet, and deep money teachings. Mini-jolts of financial clarity and love right here on the blog.

We all love this mini-series so much, it’s become an annual tradition ‘round here! But each year, the content is different, highlighting some of the best nuggets o’ money wisdom.

This year, we’ve got a fabulous lineup for you, highlighting some of my fave teachings. Hear me and wonderful guest teachers share on money + body-based wisdom, how to make a great money decision, how to earn more, and so much more. For individuals, couples, and creative ‘preneurs.

Potent. Playful. Practical. Bring more clarity and depth to your money relationship … in the time it takes to sip a mocha.

Check this year’s lineup below!

Money Mocha #1: Why you must bring your body into your money work.

Tuning into the body is a life-saving, life-giving practice. Especially when it comes to money.

My background in somatic (= body-based) practice is one of the biggest reasons why my money teachings feel so different from everyone else’s.

Sit back and let your body relax while I tell you:

  • What to do when you feel upset or unsafe with money: a guided visualization through my favorite, 60-second practice.
  • Why body-based awareness is square one for all deep change
  • How I got started with body-based practices and have applied them over the years


Money Mocha #2: What if you’re terrified to even *peek* at your money?

For many people, the mere thought of sitting down, logging into their accounts, and looking at the real-life numbers of what they earn, spend, save, and owe is mildly (or extremely) terrifying.

If you find yourself in that camp, know that you’re not alone.

Why is looking at our money so doggone hard? What can we do about it? And what’s really waiting for us, on the other side?

Sit back, relax, and listen in as I share my thoughts on this rampant phenomenon.

Money Mocha #3: Couples + Money: How to soften the sting and get to sweetness

Why is money so stressful and sticky in our love relationships?

Bari, we can talk about anything — sex, politics, vaccinations, religion — but we can’t get on the same page about money. We either fight about it … or don’t talk about it at all.

I can’t tell you how many couples have told me some version of that, over the last 16 years. And study after study shows: money is the #1 source of stress in intimate relationships.

But when we get on the same team with money, a whole new world of intimacy, love, and respect opens up.

It’s not always comfortable at first … but it can be so sexy!! (Yes, really and truly!)

Kick back — with your sweetie or solo — and listen to some of my best tips for creating money love with your honey.

Money Mocha #4: How to earn more money. Practical tips from 3 powerhouses.

What it really takes to earn more money: 3 experts give ultra-practical tips. Get ready to bust out your superhero cape. This mini-class might have you flying.

I recently asked my community of Art of Money members what their all-time favorite pieces of content I’d ever created were. The superclip you’re about to hear was one hands-down winner.

In this superclip, I talk to three powerhouse money guides about what it really takes to earn more money…

Money Mocha #5: How to make a great money decision when the stakes are high

Money Mocha 5- Making a Money Decision

The true story of how I hyperventilated at the car dealership

Yes, I hyperventilate in some big ticket money decisions…like this one.

Good car, good car,” I said, patting the dashboard of our electric Nissan Leaf.

Our little family is so grateful for this car. It reduces our carbon footprint — and shows our son how fun and cool that can be! It gives us tons more freedom than when we only had one car. And it runs like a dream.

But 4 years ago, when we were wondering whether to buy our Leaf, things weren’t so crystal-clear.

Like any money decision, there were a lot of factors to weigh…


P.S. What’s a Money Mocha? It’s a mini-jolt of financial clarity. A drop of money wisdom. A morsel of peace and joy you can access in just a moment … and savor as long as you like.

And it’s a sneak peek of the kinds of teachings you’ll find in my year-long money school: The Art of Money, now open for registration (though early bird registration ends in a couple of days).

The Art of Money | Bari Tessler

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