Couples + Money: How to soften the sting and get to sweetness

written by Bari Tessler October 21, 2017

Why is money so stressful and sticky in our love relationships?

Bari, we can talk about anything — sex, politics, vaccinations, religion — but we can’t get on the same page about money. We either fight about it … or don’t talk about it at all.

I can’t tell you how many couples have told me some version of that, over the last 16 years. And study after study shows: money is the #1 source of stress in intimate relationships.

But when we get on the same team with money, a whole new world of intimacy, love, and respect opens up.

It’s not always comfortable at first … but it can be so sexy!! (Yes, really and truly!)

Kick back — with your sweetie or solo — and listen to some of my best tips for creating money love with your honey.

You’ll hear:

  • A simple, 4-phase framework to start fresh and get on the same team
  • How to set the scene for happier, more peaceful conversations around money
  • Sample questions to spark deep connections around money
  • Why polarizing on money habits isn’t always bad news
  • Why NOT to start with the numbers
  • How my hubby made his case to me for a big-ticket purchase.

It’s hard enough to deal with our own money stuff. But when it collides with a whole ‘nother person and their unique personality, life stories, habits, quirks, and challenges? Whew! It can get complicated, fast.

The truth is, most of us were never taught how to deal with money on our own, let alone how to communicate about it with another person.

With the right tools, this thorny, taboo topic can transform into a treasure trove of connection.

That’s why I’m so passionate about supporting couples in their money work.

Over the past 16 years, I’ve guided hundreds of diverse couples — from all different backgrounds — into more connected, loving, honest relationships with money.

If you’d love to transform this area of money with YOUR honey, you’ll find oodles of support in my year-long money school, The Art of Money.

From amazing guest teacher interviews on communication and personality types … to laser coaching from yours truly … to a global community to witness and support your process.

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Plus when you join together, you’ll enjoy a special couples discount.

The Art of Money | Bari Tessler

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