All aboard! The Art of Money 2018 early-bird train is leaving …!

written by Bari Tessler October 27, 2017
Last chance for Art of Money!

Dear Community,

An incredible group of people from across the globe have already begun to gather and begin their money healing journey in the Art of Money 2018 program.

Surprisingly, there are twice as many wonderful folks in this early bird group as last year. So beautiful to see so many people ready for change around their relationship to money! Will you join us?


This Sunday is our very first, LIVE Kickstarter class for The Art of Money 2018.

(I’m so excited!!)

My beloved, year-long money school, The Art of Money, only begins once a year. And we’ve opened our doors for early registration … for you smartypants early birds who don’t want to wait ‘till January to start bringing deep healing, savvy, and transformative mindfulness to your money relationship.


If you want incredible support — and access to the absolute fullest expression of my teachings — now’s the best time to join The Art of Money 2018.


That’s because we’re giving you a boatload of extra goodies and prezzies when you join now.


Our first Kickstarter class is this Sunday, October 30th, at 5pm Mountain time.


I’ll walk you through some profound but totally do-able practices you can start using right now to bring more peace + mindfulness + gentle clarity to your money relationship. (Plus: ample time for Q&A and laser coaching from me!)


Register for the Art of Money 2018 (and join us in Sunday’s class!) right here.




When you register for The Art of Money 2018 today, you’ll get a boatload of goodies to help you begin transforming your relationship with money NOW:

  • Sunday’s live, Kickstarter call with me ~ and don’t worry, you’ll get a recording if you can’t make it live.
  • Insta-access to my entire digital library ~ With incredible guest teacher conversations, bonus teaching materials, and so much support for your money relationship.
  • A digital Holiday Money Care Package to support your money relationship over this Holiday Season, so you can stress less and enjoy more ~ zipped to your inbox the moment you register + wrapped with digital ribbons and bows!
  • Handy PDF workbooks and videos about Money Mapping, picking the right bookkeeping system, and more …


Get all these goodies when you sign up for The Art of Money 2018 now.


Simply put? The Art of Money is the very best way I know to support you with profound, practical, soulful, sustainable financial transformation.

So you can have that money conversation with your sweetie … and let it bring you closer together instead of farther apart.

So you can un-shame yourself, forgive, and let go of all that’s holding you back … and reveal the shining, authentic clarity beneath it all.

So you can learn new skills, empower yourself with the language of money, and take baby step after baby step … with an entire community supporting you and cheering you on.


Money transformation takes a village. We’d be honored to welcome you into ours.


The first Kickstarter class for The Art of Money 2018 is Sunday — in just 2 days!

After that, our Earlybird registration closes. You can still sign up during regular registration in January — but these special earlybird events with Bari will have flown away by then.

Plus, you’ll miss out on all the extra loving support around money through the Holiday season. This is such a wonderful time of year — but it can be financially stressful for so many of us. That’s why I’d love to support you, right now.


Join The Art of Money 2018 — and get access to our Sunday Kickstarter call — right here.


If you want to make 2018 your year to finally make friends with money, The Art of Money has so much support, just waiting for you. And right now is the absolutely positively best time to join us.

I hope to see you Sunday!

With my dearest wishes,

P.S. Did You know? The Art of Money 2018 has an affordable, monthly payment option. Which means: you can sign up now and make small monthly payments throughout the year. Groovy, huh?

We want to support you in making clear, empowered money decisions. So you’ll find oodles of information about the program — and even a Sampler Platter — on our program page.

Click here to learn all about The Art of Money 2018 … and make the very best decision for you.












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