Why you must bring your body into your money work.

written by Bari Tessler October 17, 2017

So there you are, all set to pay your bills in a loving, conscious way.

Your candle’s lit. You put a few squares of your favorite, fair-trade dark chocolate on a saucer (the fine china, even). You’ve got soft jazz playing and incense wafting.

And suddenly, you hit a wall of fog. You go “deer in headlights” and can’t focus on the numbers on the screen, let alone unpack your feelings about them. You’re overwhelmed with emotions you can’t quite name — and after ten minutes of trying to willpower your way through your spreadsheets, you give up.

Why does this happen? And how can you work through it instead of simply succumbing to it or strong-arming yourself past it (which feels like icky punishment)?

Money can be scary, vulnerable stuff. Not just mentally or emotionally. Physically, too.

It’s not just our heads and hearts that interact with money. It’s our bodies, too. Our nervous systems and fight-flight-freeze fear responses.

Our relationship with money shows up in tight shoulders, clenched jaws, and angsty tummies.

Here’s the good news: when you know how to work with money and the body, you can feel a deeper sense of safety, peace, and gentle power than ever before.

You can end the war. You can trust yourself. You can relax into the present moment. You can feel your feelings, get the information they’re trying to give you, and not get swept away by emotional drama.

Tuning into the body is a life-saving, life-giving practice. Especially when it comes to money.

My background in somatic (= body-based) practice is one of the biggest reasons why my money teachings feel so different from everyone else’s.

Sit back and let your body relax while I tell you:

  • What to do when you feel upset or unsafe with money: a guided visualization through my favorite, 60-second practice.
  • Why body-based awareness is square one for all deep change
  • How I got started with body-based practices and have applied them over the years

Gentle + un-shaming body-based practice is the foundation of my year-long Art of Money program, now open for earlybird registration.

It’s one thing to learn about body-based practices. It’s another thing entirely to practice them, on a regular basis, with guidance and community support. Specifically around your “money stuff.”

This is how true, profound change happens. This is how you bring this money work into your daily life. And this is something I’m incredibly passionate about teaching.

P.S. What’s a Money Mocha? It’s a mini-jolt of financial clarity. A drop of money wisdom. A morsel of peace and joy you can access in just a moment … and savor as long as you like.

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