Money Memoirs: Nancy Levin

written by Bari Tessler January 18, 2017
Money Memoirs Nancy Levin


bt_logo_seal_01Most of us don’t talk about money, except with our closest friends. But we ALL have money stories. Tough times we survived. 

Triumphs and gifts. Practical wisdom and soul-deep insights. And when we share our money stories with one another, openly and lovingly? Well, magic happens. We un-shame. We spread confidence and peace of mind and a whole lotta love. Honesty is just the beginning … Please curl up with a cuppa and enjoy this special, intimate interview series: Money Memoirs.


An amazing journey into greater self-worth … far beyond the bank account.


In this raw and uplifting Money Memoir, Nancy opens up about her personal journey. We cover money, divorce, her Jewish heritage, and most importantly: how she claimed her sense of value.

Listen to our delightful conversation, including:

  • Why Suze Orman coached Nancy to “F*&% her credit score” and prioritize standing in her own truth
  • Why a financial advisor gave Nancy the surprising advice to STOP saving money
  • How Nancy worked through the shame and guilt of her middle class upbringing (and the mistakes she made along the way)
  • How Nancy reframed a huge financial loss as a “high level Ph.D.” (I love what she named it!)
  • The gifts her Nancy’s Jewish heritage (so beautiful)
  • Nancy’s incredible teachings about self-worth, desire, and money.


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image06Nancy Levin
Nancy Levin is the bestselling author of Worthy: Boost Your Self-Worth to Grow Your Net Worth, Jump … And Your Life Will Appear and Writing For My Life. She’s a Master Integrative Life Coach and the creator of the Jump Coaching and Worthy Coaching Programs, working with clients – privately and in groups – to live in alignment with their own truth and desires. Learn more at:


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As Nancy’s story shows us, money isn’t something we master once and then set on autopilot. It’s a journey. Something that grows and evolves, right along with us, for a lifetime.

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