My Honest Launch Story

written by Bari Tessler June 21, 2022

Dear Money Adventurer,

On the surface, running your own business is a journey of professional growth and development. It is also a profoundly personal journey of self-discovery that empowers us to understand ourselves more deeply. Along the way, we learn how to honor our gifts and strengths, to recognize our opportunities to stretch and grow, and to align our work with our deepest values.

Like any personal journey, there is no one-size-fits-all template for building and nurturing a successful business. So often, it feels like we take one step forward only to take two steps back. Not because we’re “doing it wrong,” but because we’re finding our rhythm amongst the ebbs and flows of life and business. And the last two years have been a flurry of pivots and pirouettes.

So, when my dear friend and colleague, Rebel Therapist Annie Schuessler, invited me on her podcast – for the 3rd time – to share the practical strategies and heart-led decisions that have shaped my recent business decisions, I jumped at the chance.

And not just because I love everything about Annie and the Rebel Therapy-ing work she does in the world. Because when we talk honestly about the challenges and growing pains of being a business owner, we create space for uncertainty, and experimentation, and empower each other to find our own “right way” to show up more authentically in our work.

This interview is a potent blend of hard-won professional wisdom, practical business strategy, and personal experience.

Click here to go behind the scenes of the Art of Money with Annie and me as we dive into:

  • What I’ve learned over the last decade of leading the Art of Money online
  • The values-based decisions that have shaped my entrepreneurial journey
  • The whole story behind why I stopped launching–and why I started again
  • How I coped with navigating perimenopause while my business was in transition
  • What led me to reopen my books for private Financial Therapy sessions
  • How an OS update broke my advertising strategy and led me to find more balance and support in my business

The only “right way” to run your business is the way that empowers you to thrive in your life and your work.

Tune in here to join us for this unfiltered conversation between friends about learning to navigate life, business, and money on your own terms.

As we so often do, after a long season of learning and growing through the ebbs of life and business, I find myself coming full circle into a new season of balance and flow. In sharing the chapter of my journey with you, I hope you’ll find encouragement and inspiration to help you build a business aligned with your deepest values and what you truly need to thrive.

I hope you’ll give yourself permission to experiment with what works for you, to dance one step forward and two steps back without shame or blame, but with the knowledge that you are finding your own rhythm.

I hope you’ll remember that we are always learning, adjusting, and fine-tuning because this journey is constantly unfolding, and uncovering what doesn’t work is how we discover what does.

P.S. The Art of Money Workbook is finally here! We are so excited to get this workbook in your hands!

P.P.S. Got your copy of the workbook already? I hope you’re finding it supportive on your money journey. And I would love your help getting the word out by leaving a review of workbook a review on Amazon or GoodReads.

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