How to Transform the Attachment Between Self-worth and Money

written by Bari Tessler June 14, 2022

Dear Money Adventurer,

Despite our best-laid plans, growth is never a straightforward journey. In life, business, and money – as in all things – there will always be ebbs and flows, triumphant victories, unexpected detours, and disappointing setbacks.

In those moments of so-called failure, it is so easy to fall into patterns of shame and self-blame. To feel like you’re worth less because you didn’t get the big promotion, or the raise you worked so hard for, because your business is lagging in sales this quarter, or fewer people registered for your masterclass than you hoped.

In a world where so often our self-worth gets tied to the work we do or the money we make, we unconsciously invest our personal value in metrics, paychecks, and bottom lines. And we undermine our ability to truly honor and share our gifts, to show up as our most authentic selves, and to thrive in our work and lives.

So, how can we transform the attachment between self-worth and money that is so prevalent in life and business?

This question came up during my recent Office Hours call with the Art of Money participants, and the answer is a profoundly personal journey of self-discovery, tuning in to our inner knowing, and reclaiming our deepest values.

Listen in and dive deep into the emotional side of money with me to explore:

  • What does it mean to contribute in a meaningful way?
  • Whose definitions of failure and success are we measuring ourselves against?
  • How learning to navigate failure can help us cultivate our personal value
  • Why we need to bring gentle curiosity to the way we invest meaning in our lives
  • How we can turn our so-called failures inside out to uncover what we need to thrive
  • What I learned about thriving on my own terms from country music star Loretta Lynn
  • The story of my own crisis of self-worth and how “failing” empowered me to reclaim my value and forge my own path to success
  • The questions we can ask to transform failure and shame into growth and deeper self-understanding

This intimate money teaching is a loving reminder that every setback can be a lesson that guides us to turn inwards, honor our needs, learn what works, and let go of what doesn’t.

Tune in below for an inspiring blend of gentle guidance, loving wisdom, and lessons learned to shift the way you think and feel about your so-called failures.

Listen Here:

Learning to offer ourselves grace and compassion in the face of disappointment, failure, and self-blame is a revolutionary act. In choosing tenderness and curiosity, we empower ourselves to grow deeper in our self-knowing and reclaim what is most valuable, meaningful, and worthwhile.

May our so-called failures remind us to root ourselves more deeply in what matters most, to come back to the message we want to share, to be present with the people we love, and to show up authentically as ourselves, even when it isn’t quite what is “expected” from us.

And may we always give ourselves the grace and compassion we need to try again.

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