From my heart to yours, an AOM Biz update.

written by Bari Tessler August 13, 2021

I wanted to share a little biz update because things are feeling good behind the scenes~

🦋My VA, Ali The Happy VA, has been with me for over 5 years. She recently increased her hours so she really has the time to care for our beautiful community in the best way. When you send a note to my website you are emailing Ali. I am incredibly grateful to her!

🦋My marketing team is starting my ads up again after a break – Let me know if you see them on FB or Insta and what you think.

🦋We are continually working on creating new content. I have Dusti Arab + Team helping me. Newsletters are in queue, website pages are being updated, a new program page will happen in August.

🦋I send out a weekly newsletter with a new piece on topics such as: “how to get motivated to do the practical money bits”, “how to add somatic tools to help you stay regulated during money dates”, “how to have a money date”, and on and on. Plus we share any new podcast interviews too. Are you on my list?

🦋I’m starting a mini re-design branding for my biz. Stay tuned on this.

🦋I’ll finish all 23 private financial therapy sessions in August. I have absolutely loved doing these sessions after a five-year break. I’m planning to open up my private sessions again in early October.

🦋My bookkeeper, Jess of Heart-Based Bookkeeping, is running payroll monthly this year instead of yearly. Tiny update but a nice fine-tuning and it makes my Accountant and Bookkeeper happy.

🦋My year-long program has been evergreen since April of this year (after years of launching). Each month we welcome new students to the growing community. Even though it’s on-demand, all the community components are still in place. And, our alumni guides are continuing to support the Art of Money community in a beautiful way.

🦋I have a second book, an Art of Money workbook coming out next Spring, which will be published by Shambhala Publications. It’s all done! The manuscript, the design, and cover. We’re starting to plan out and prepare for the 2022 publishing date.

Ok I think that’s my little update for now!

Thank you for joining me on this big adventure.

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