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Dear Money Adventurer,

Today, June 7th, 2022, is the day that my second book is making its official debut. “The Art of Money Workbook: A Three-Step Plan to Transform Your Relationship with Money” hits bookstore shelves for the first time, and I am absolutely thrilled to finally share it with you!

Part love letter and part money journey road map, The Art of Money Workbook was born out of a desire to offer anyone who is done with the traditional tough love approach a more compassionate way to work with money.

I wrote it to make this work more accessible, to guide you through the three phases of Money Healing, Money Practices, and Money Maps, to share tools to empower your growth, and body-based practices to ground you in awareness, intention, and compassion.

I wrote it to support, encourage, and inspire you as you explore your relationship with money. I wrote it to create a safe place for you to learn to honor your money story, your money emotions, and your ever-unfolding money journey.

I wrote it because I love journaling questions. I’ve been creating journaling questions since my first tiny workshop of 10 people in my living room when I lived in an apple orchard. So, this is a perfect opportunity to sit with the workbook and explore your money terrain in a safe space.

Wherever you are in your money journey – whether you’ve read my first book, taken The Art of Money program, or even if you’re new to my work and this gentle path – The Art of Money Workbook will help you bring a new level of healing, awareness, and understanding to your relationship with money.

As my publisher puts it:

The first-of-its-kind workbook that uses three easy steps to repair your relationship with money, from financial therapist Bari Tessler.

Few things in life can feel as stressful and daunting as money and finances—get ready for that to change. The Art of Money Workbook offers an empowering new framework to create sustainable change and strengthen your relationship with money.

Tessler offers a program that integrates practical financial tools with supportive somatic practices to bring more compassion, honesty, and awareness to your relationship with money.

Her three-phase process—Money Healing, Money Practices, and Money Maps—will help you make choices that reflect your values, become aware of spending patterns, and create new financial habits. This workbook offers self-reflective exercises and tools that will encourage you to write your own money memoir, set regular money dates (with yourself and/or your partner), and plan for the future.

Bari Tessler is a warm, compassionate guide with a Masters Degree in Somatic Psychology—and for over twenty years, her Art of Money methodology has helped thousands of people understand and navigate their financial life. Her gentle encouragement and practical tools will offer you new avenues for creativity and joy with an abundance of support.”

Or, in the words of my dear colleagues:

A gentle, beautifully written, and practical guide for everyone who wants to become more intentional, values-aligned, and awake in their relationship with money.”—Tara Mohr, author of Playing Big

With compassion and mastery, Bari Tessler invites you to not only investigate your ‘money story’ but to feel the impact money has on all aspects of your life. The Art of Money Workbook provides tools and practices to illuminate what you’ve relegated to the dark, guiding you to an empowered and meaningful relationship with money—and with yourself.”—Nancy Levin, author of Worthy: Boost Your Self-Worth to Grow Your Net Worth

In The Art of Money Workbook, Bari Tessler invites on a money journey as a path of self-discovery. By guiding us to look deeply at our relationship to money, she offers us the keys to more power, more freedom, and more happiness—minus the shame and dogma.”—Kimberly Johnson, author of Call of the Wild and The Fourth Trimester Journal

Bari Tessler is gifted at helping people connect with their money stories and heal their relationship with money. The Art of Money is one of the first money books I recommend to our audience, and the guidance Bari provides throughout The Art of Money Workbook will help so many people dig deeper into their money relationship, discover how to interact with their money in a positive way, and align their money decisions with their true goals. No matter where you are in your money journey, we can all build a better relationship with our finances—and Bari can help you do it!”—Chelsea Brennan, founder of Smart Money Mamas

I’ll disclose that Bari is someone I’ve known for years, and her work has been so central for so many of our clients. When I saw that she had released a workbook to accompany her excellent The Art of Money book, I was so happy for all the folks who were going to get help with it.

I read through the workbook… and it’s beautiful. Which to me, is an important consideration. If you’re going to be working with money, you want beauty surrounding you, at least I do. It helps the soul so much.

Her approach is something I love, so filled with honesty and compassion, with authenticity and gentleness. With heart and spirit, and willingness to look at numbers and actual practices. It’s a wonderful mix. I highly recommend Bari and her work.” —Mark Silver of Heart-Centered Business

If you’re ready to begin a more intimate, more authentic, and compassionate chapter in your money story, order your copy of The Art of Money Workbook and allow me to show you the way.

And if someone in your life could use some loving wisdom and gentle guidance in their money life, I hope you’ll consider sending them a copy of their own to let them know that there is a healthier, more sustainable, more meaningful way to engage with money.

The creation of this workbook was a heart-full labor of love, and I am forever thankful for your willingness to not only witness this journey of mine, but to encourage me in this work, and invite me to be a part of your own money adventure. It is truly my joy, honor, and inspiration.

That is why I wrote The Art of Money Workbook.

From my heart to your hands,

P.S. You can order your copy now!

“The Art of Money Workbook: A Three-Step Plan to Transform Your Relationship with Money” has officially hit the shelves and you can order through the retailers below:

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