5 Podcast Interviews to Break Down Money Taboos

written by Bari Tessler March 30, 2023

Dear Money Adventurer,

One of my favorite ways to make financial therapy more accessible for more people is by doing interviews and having more money conversations. Because when we talk about money, we chip away at the shame and taboos we’ve built around money in our lives, communities, and the world around us.

So, in February, I posted on Instagram and Facebook inviting folks to interview me on their podcasts about money, relationships, and personal growth. I had no idea if posting that little request would do anything, but I don’t love cold-call emails, so I thought I would give it a try. To my delight, I scheduled 20 interviews from that little social media request.

I’ve had so many incredible money conversations since then and I am so excited to share some of them with you today. I hope you can find some inspiration and break down some money barriers of your own.

Here are Five Money Conversations to Encourage and Inspire Your Money Journey

1) First, I sat down with my dear colleague, Financial Planner and fellow financial therapist, Rick Kahler, to dive deep into the waters of financial therapy. We explored why this work is so important and always ongoing, some of my favorite money tools and practices, and how my business and methodology have evolved over the last two decades. We wound up doing 4 thirty minute interviews. You can find part 1, 2, and 3 here–and the final segment will be out later this week. Stay tuned!

2) The following week, I joined the Founder and CEO of Money Bliss, Hanna Bier, on the UnRaveling Money podcast. We shared the life and career-changing moments when we each discovered a more meaningful way of working with money, how to cultivate a relationship with money that nourishes and affirms you, and why doing your own money work is a great self-care practice. Tune in here for a nurturing dose of money encouragement.

3) A few days later, I shared a tender conversation with Registered Family (and Grief) Therapist, Christina Walton, on her Stronger Together podcast. This intimate interview illuminates money emotions, money healing, and money practices through the lens of love, loss and bereavement. If you and your money journey could use some comfort and compassion, get cozy and join us here.

4) I also had the chance to connect with Mindset and Empowerment Coach Visa Shanmugam as a guest on her Becoming You podcast to discuss why money is such an emotional subject. From money psychology and financial literacy to how somatic practices can bring more understanding to your money story, this interview will empower you to bring more mindfulness to your relationship with money. Take some time to practice presence with money and tune in here.

5) Before my husband and I packed our teenage son and the dog for a family road trip to California, I went live on Instagram with Louise Bartlett to talk about money and wellness. This conversation weaves money patterns and practices with how my own relationship with money and my business has shifted through motherhood, book publishing, and menopause. Find perspective, encouraging money insights, and even permission to work from bed if you need to by listening in right here.

While every one of us is writing our own unique money story, when we share our money experiences and emotions in authentic, compassionate conversation, we find common ground.

We transform shame into grace and understanding and begin to break down barriers in our relationships with money, ourselves, and each other.

Wherever this finds you in your life and money journey, may listening to these conversations make you feel seen, heard, and encouraged.

With my dearest wishes,

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